you got this

It’s a tale as old as time that our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.  I found that to be particularly true for my rah rah rah projects, where everything I do to make others happy is inspired by something that I would like to happen to me.  

For instance, I’m absolutely terrible about carrying cash — I tend to spend it like wildfire (these green things? get them out of my purse!), and so I avoid carrying it at all costs.  The downside of this is that everytime I pass a vending machine I’m forced to stare longingly at the delicious candies, soda pops and all other types of sugary-goodness.  Sigh.  
To help others with a similar problem, I placed little pouches of $1.25 on the machine with a note that simply said “random acts of happiness” (a gorgeous design by Sarah).  

My hope is that someone with a very large sweet-tooth and a strong aversion to carrying cash passes the machine and realizes that they can finally choose anything they want (yes yes yes.. the most expensive item is $1.25 so I got you!!)
In the spirit of remembering to treat yo’ self, I used some of my extra change to get a Reese’s.  Aww, modern convenience.. watching the peanut-buttery-chocolate-goodness slide out of the machine and into my hands almost made me rethink my decision to avoid cash. 
Maybe I’m responsible enough to carry cash without tossing it in the air like a parade?  Should I try it out? What do you think?  Do you carry cash?

25 thoughts on “you got this

  1. Awww I love this! Your Random Acts of Happiness always make me smile! In answer to your question, I carry cash all the time! I love the feel of it in my wallet. 🙂 Have a beautiful day and Happy Friday to you! 🙂

  2. I also have issues with carrying cash and spending it like there is NO tomorrow!–people find this hard to believe because I work at a bank! I’ve thought about trying the David Ramsey approach to saving money with the “envelope” system but have yet to do so.

  3. If I ever did carry cash, it wouldn’t stay in my pocket for very long. However, it’s not for the reason you think. My son collects coins. So, every time I receive any sort of change now, I instinctively thumb through the coins in my hand to find something unique (a national park quarter, a penny from 100 years ago). They are out there just waiting to be discovered. It’s like a little treasure hunt every time you buy something 🙂

    OK, this got a little bit off track, so let me pull it back in 🙂 This is a really awesome idea, and I think it’s perfectly OK to march in your own cash parade. Maybe you could just save it for special holidays. And maybe every other Monday 🙂

  4. I always get some cash out when I deposit my checks. So often I am out with friends and now one has cash and the we’re somewhere that is cash only! Plus, for small businesses they really get hurt hard with credit card charges, so I try to let them keep the 3-5% by paying with cash. (but for target and big stores, its my card all the way).

  5. This is so cool! I love this idea! I wouldn’t have even ever thought of it! Very very cool! Plus there is always people out there that need a quick drink or something to snack on that either don’t have the money or don’t have cash! So cool!

  6. As a cyclist I carry only my ID (drivers license), credit card, and work ID. It’s just easier that way and I avoid any impulse spending on small items. But…finding a random act of happiness would be awesome! Thanks for brightening so many people’s day(s).

  7. I nearly always carry cash. Malaysia is largely a cash-only economy so it’s very much out of habit. I like this little random act of happiness! I remember the vending machines at my college and on really long class days or excessive studying days I’d scrounge random quarters from the pockets of my backpack and treat myself to a Snickers! 🙂

  8. So marvelous! I was just down at the vending machine in our apartment complex counting out all my change and realizing I didn’t have enough! Such a let down! This is a wonderful and sweet idea! 🙂

  9. I used to get cash every time I had to cash a check [which was rare, so it felt like a treat]. It was perfect for vending machines, parking, etc. But now I use mobile deposit, so I never go to the bank. I’m pretty much just hoping they’ll make an app that can dispense cash. 🙂

  10. Yeah..It is a usual problem many people have.
    I seldom carry cash in my pocket when I go to work.
    Maybe it is just because I don’t need to spend too much money while working.
    If I want to go some shopping, I’ll go home first and then shop with some a little cash.
    Uh.. I am a man who isn’t afraid of trouble!

  11. Such a nice surprise for a passer-by! I never used to carry cash because my card was free to swipe, but now I often need change or swiping for like 2euros doesn’t seem worth it. The problem is that I forget the value of a 1euro coin because of the exchage rate and I often think of it as 1rand instead and spend it really quickly. (1euro = 13rand)

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