all is bright

My family spent Christmas in DC two years ago, and when it started snowing just after breakfast, my little sister’s eyes grew wide and she ran to the windows: “EVERYONE – get outside, it’s s-n-o-w-i-n-g!!”  My parents shunned the cold, raised our family in Arizona, and refused to take trips to anywhere the temperature dropped below 32F.  For me and my siblings, however, snow is a somewhat magical thing that makes everything glisten and gets everyone a little more cozy.

Today was the first ‘snow-emergency’ of the 2013-2013 Minneapolis winter, and it was such a lovely day that I’ve dedicated this post to it.
The loveliness kicked off when my grandma sent me thermal socks in the mail (she was watching QVC in Arizona and saw something that her Minnesota granddaughter could use):
I tucked them into my waterproof boots and set about my daily walk as usual:
My feet stayed warm, but my hair got a fresh sprinkling of snow..
Since I don’t have a fireplace, I put a little sizzle on the TV to get the mood right in my apartment:Image
Then I hopped in my tub to warm up:Image
Okay, okay, that part is only 50% true.  I did take a bath, but not in anything quite as extraordinary as that tub.  I’m a little jealous of the person washing their hair and soaping their arms in that gem.  My tub is a little less glam, but I used my tub time to read the new Vogue, and, well, it felt pretty perfect to me:
Recognize the cover?  It’s a remake of the painting Flaming June by Sir Frederick Leighton:Image
Gorgeous, right? The actress Jessica Chastain modeled as women from some of history’s most famous paintings for the issue, and it got me thinking: which painting would I want to recreate?  Not that Vogue is likely to call me up or anything, but, ya know,  I want to have my answer ready just in case.  I decided on a Renoir, either a portrait with my little sister or my husband:
What do you think of the cold? Is there a painting that you would want to recreate with a photograph?

17 thoughts on “all is bright

  1. Love this post – and that TUB! And if it puts the cold in perspective for you, silly North Carolina is hitting a chilly 75 today. Not much winter yet for us – can’t decide if I’m jealous of you or relieved!

  2. Haha my boyfriend and I have our phones set to show us the weather for Richmond, but also for Minneapolis (where he’s from) and Columbus (where I’m from) so we can see what’s happening back home. Today, Minnesota was exactly SEVENTY degrees colder than it is in Richmond! Isn’t that insane?! I’m kind of jealous, because it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without a little snow!

  3. What are those minus signs in front of the temperatures? I haven’t seen those in ages 😉 It’s funny that my son was born in Florida so he had not seen snow for the first several years of his life.

    Ironically, I was on a temporary 4-month work assignment in Phoenix a couple years ago. When my wife and son came to visit me in December, there was a forecast for the possibility of snow in Flagstaff. Just a couple hour drive north, we hopped in the car and climbed in elevation while we watched the thermostat plummet.

    Upon arriving in Flagstaff, we were treated to a flurry and then a more significant snowfall. Enough to make munchkin size snowballs. It was a moment and time that I will never forget. Thanks for reminding me and best wishes for a cozy and enjoyable winter day 🙂

  4. This is lovely! Such a great post! Love how you documented your day! I just posted about the snow in Minneapolis too! Great minds, girly.
    I think I’d recreate The Scream painting by Edvard Munch. First of all, what a great name right? Edvard…sounds pretty “vampire-ish” to me. Secondly, there are plenty of bridges in Minneapolis that I could stand on and reenact “The Scream” pose! 😉

  5. This cold is not fun. I feel so bad for my dog because he doesn’t have much fur and he’s constantly lifting up his cold paws. I don’t mind snow as long as the roads aren’t bad for too long. The ice everywhere is really getting to me though!

  6. I love the first snowfall and snow around Christmas but other than that, I am over it! LOL! OMG, I want that bathtub! Looks like something out of a James Bond movie. 😉 As for the painting recreation, I would love to recreate the sculpture “The Kiss” by Rodin ( It’s my favorite! 🙂 Stay warm in that weather, Jen! Those socks look perfect!

  7. One of my best friends is from Arizona, and she first saw snow when we were in college. I remember her freaking out! She ran outside and was running around. It was awesome. Funny enough… now she lives in Minneapolis! That’s crazy. I was just there visiting her earlier this year, and I loved it! It’s a pretty cool state. I’m hoping to go back and visit soon. I’m enjoying a snow day myself. Love me some snow!

  8. oooh, i like that question. i have to think of a painting now. as for cold, i say i don’t like it, but i must not hate it because i have lived here my whole life!!! maybe i need some thermal socks!

  9. Jeeze, and here we Texans are thinking our current 30 degree weather is cold. 😛 Love this post! And those socks! Ps I really thought that was your bathtub set up at first and I was about to come find where you live and use it. Jk that was creepy. But yeah, lovely bathtub picture. 😉

  10. I remember when Tyra Banks shot an editorial that was based on classic photos. 🙂 I haven’t given much thought to it, but I’d really love to do a Renoir, the one with the ballerinas by the stage. 😉

  11. We’ve had plenty of snow–I’ve shoveled the driveway twice this week! I love seeing different photo reenactments of famous paintings. Angel and I have done “American Gothic”–I know it’s overdone but it seemed so perfect to me because we actually live in a yellow farmhouse that reminds me of the one in the painting.

  12. I’m so torn on the subject of cold… I love how pretty snow is, but I’m really not enjoying being so cold all the time. Those thermal socks look pretty amazing – I wear about 3 pairs when I go out (and they’re always Malcolm’s because somehow when we moved only one pair of my own socks got packed, so he shares 😉 ) but then my shoes are too tight.

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