searching for jingle bells (literally)

Confession: I’m incredibly selfish.  So selfish, in fact, that simply making this confession makes me feel like a weight has been taken off my chest.  Besides, now we have one less secret between us.

My selfish behavior sparkled bright this weekend when Kaitlyn and Sarah suggested that I join them in baking cookies for a cause.  Cookies are my favorite, and the only thing better than giving them to others would be, well, eating the cookie dough.  My point here is that I’ll bake cookies for just about anyone – not because I’m nice, but because I’ll thoroughly enjoy eating so much of the batter.  Do you blame me?

I spent most of Sunday (read 5 hours) baking with my good friend Brittany who, for reference, could be related to Betty Crocker.  The assortment of cookie cutters, sprinklers, and icings in her apartment made me feel like I was visiting the Keebler Elf factory.  We decided to make gingerbread and sugar cookies.

In between frosting and sprinkling and cutting, we ate plenty of cookie dough:
As we baked, Brittany neutralized my selfish tendencies by suggesting we give the cookies to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers.  Sweet girl, right?  I immediately agreed.  The next day we took our finished goods to the Minneapolis Skyway, and we offered cookies to the volunteers that try to make the holidays a little nicer for others:
The number of cookies baked greatly outweighed the number of bell ringers  (okay, okay, probably not if everyone got on a scale, but as an expression) and so we gave the rest of the cookies to people keeping warm in the plaza center:
A wonderful day spent spreading Christmas cheer, all because of this girl:
Spread some sweetness of your own and vote for Kaitlyn & Sarah in Cooking Light’s Bake a Second Batch competition.  Hope y’all bake treats for others and get to eat all the sweet cookie batter 🙂

20 thoughts on “searching for jingle bells (literally)

  1. It’s so cool to see the look of both surprise and joy on the recipient’s faces. I would even venture to say that seeing those looks rivals the joy in consuming the cookie dough 😉

  2. I would say you are one of the least selfish people around with all the good that you do! Everyone is allowed to indulge in one or two things. I LOVE me some cookie dough too. When a recipe says it makes 2 dozen, I will know that there will be at least 2 or 3 cookies less than that actually baked 🙂

  3. Awww what am amazingly sweet thing of you both to do! I love cookies too and I am hoping to spread cheer on Thursday when I bring in a huge batch for my husband’s boss and co-workers. 🙂

  4. Now that is a great idea! I definitely think those Salvation Army bell ringers deserve some Christmas cheer–so many of them stand outside in the freezing cold while we just run into the store as fast as we can!

  5. 1- Your cookies are amazing looking, my homemade cookies never look that good! 2-You girls are awesome. Everyone has selfish tendencies, we are human… but you girls work to overcome that and that in itself is pretty incredible. 3-I wish I lived closer so I could join you guys!

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