bonnie & clyde

I’m not a role model.  Please do as I say and not as I do.  Also, if you could, please don’t tell anyone what I’ve done.  I’m sharing a little secret, so please keep it between us?  I’d make you pinky swear if I knew who you were.

Okay, okay, what’s all the hype about?  Date night.  Simple as that.  We have a big holiday at the family cabin (up in the north north north woods of Wisconsin) and before things got too hectic, Jon and I wanted an ‘us’ night.  The two of us decided on our favorite date: cooking together, eating in bed, and having a movie marathon (in this case, we watched 5 episodes of Dexter).
Whenever we go out of town, I try to start running down on household items so that things don’t spoil.  Toilet paper is one thing that should never be allowed to run out (makes an especially awkward situation for guests), but, unfortunately, that is what happened.  After an episode of Dexter, Jon let me know that he used the final two plies to blow his nose.  Oops.

Then he suggested we get extra toilet paper from the bathrooms in our apartment complex. Why not go to the store, you ask?  We’re in our pajamas and it’s 10pm on Friday night.  What’s more, there is a blizzard outside.  And so, I agree.

Jon provides cover while I make the moves.

Unfortunately, every toilet paper roll I find only has a couple pieces of tissue left.  This means that we visit every guest bathroom in our building to secure enough TP to hold us over until we leave for the cabin.

But, just like Bonnie and Clyde, we accomplished our mission.

When we finished, I made a list of date-night ideas that might be more appropriate than stealing toilet paper:
What are your ideas for a date night?

12 thoughts on “bonnie & clyde

  1. I personally love the making dinner in and watching episodes of your favorite show or movie!! All the others are great too, I used to love going on “running dates” too!

  2. ❤ We've done most of those and they are all awesome good fun. However…sometimes a little harmless mischief is just as good! 🙂

  3. Angel and I love going to the arcade, that’s one of our favorite dates. You can have a LOT of fun for $5 or $10 worth of tokens!

  4. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if I should admit that I watched “Saved By The Bell” when I was much younger. Zack and Kelly were quite the item. OK, I better stop now lest you block me from further comments 😉

    To be perfectly honest, I bet that your TP adventure made for an impulsive date night that was enjoyable in its own way. Personally, I love cooking together with a nice bottle of wine. Most people enjoy wine with dinner. I enjoy drinking the wine while cooking dinner 🙂

  5. Aaron hates the idea of ‘date nights’. I’ve tried to organise some a few times and he gets all grumpy and unenthusiastic. He’s not a valentine’s day man either, he thinks it’s a ‘societal construct’ that’s driven by shops wanting to make more money. In some ways I understand where he’s coming from but I’m such a romantic, I think it doesn’t need to be all about spending money… it’s just about spending time together and wanting to demonstrate how special the other person is. Ah, dear. Clash of ideals, I guess! As for dates, I love all of your ideas. Now, if I can just rope my husband into going out with me 😉

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