spirits are light

The only problem was that the day wasn’t long enough.  How often do we hop into bed wishing that we had a few more hours to enjoy the day?  Jon and I arrived at the cabin late Saturday night, and we spent Sunday enjoying family, friends, and holiday festivities.  What more could we ask for?

A highlight of the day was learning that I had my very own Christmas stalking hanging above the fireplace.  This is my second Christmas with Jon’s family, but the *1st* time I had a matching stalking — his mom sewed it up to match the stalkings she made her children 20 years ago.
My mother-in-law, Jane, planned a rah rah rah project to spread Christmas cheer to the neighbors.  The plan was simple but capable of spreading lots of joy:  festive ornaments would be placed in the surrounding woods to bring a bit of happiness to passerby.  What do you think? Gorgeous, right?
Then we finished decorating our own tree:
Jon and I got competitive with battleship:
Lucky me, I got an early Christmas present:ImageImage
The day came to an end with one of my favorite things: Christmas baking! Good news everyone (selfish news), this time I was baking baking just  for my family (as opposed to the other two times I baked cookies for strangers and friends).  Finally, at long last, I can dig into the sweet treats filling the kitchen:
Also, I received a free sample from Ginger Mail.  I love illustration, calligraphy, and design, so the surprise package absolutely made my day:
Alright, time to rejoin the cabin festivities – sledding in the morning, board games in the afternoon, and movies tonight.  I think we might have a sleigh-ride scheduled for the morning?  Anyway, with all the warmth and cuddles and snowfall and presents, I’m betting that today will be another day that I’m left wishing would go on and on and on 🙂

20 thoughts on “spirits are light

  1. That sounds like such a fun time! And I love the pretty stockings! I would definitely smile if I saw a random Christmas ornament hanging from a little tree like that! And you asked about if I write outside of my blog–the answer is both Yes and I’d like to…not much of it finds a way to get published but I get an article in a magazine every once in a while…and yes, I write quite often!

  2. It may be cold and snowy, but it is the perfect atmosphere for time with family 😉 Thanks for sharing and allowing us to live vicariously through you. And I’ve always wondered about that book. Perhaps a review is in order when you are done? 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas with the family!

  3. that illustration is SO cute!!! 🙂
    i love the ornaments hanging in the trees outside for passersby to see! what a great idea!
    and all of the stockings she sewed are so pretty! so glad you have one now! 🙂

  4. I love all the awesome rah-rah projects you guys do! I’m definitely going to have to jump on that bandwagon and start doing some rah-rah projects around KC. 🙂

  5. What an awesome day! I was recently gifted a handmade stocking from Darrin’s mom as well! Such a fun “rite of passage” type thing! And how sweet are those neighborhood ornaments?! Marvelous idea, girly. Love it!

  6. Naw, I love this!!! Gorgeous post. We got given a couple of Christmas stockings when we got married that I haven’t used yet. I’ve just hung them next to some shelves in our house (we have no fireplace, plus it’s so darn hot here that we’d never use it!) so maybe I’ll sneak a treat into Aaron’s this year. Praying that you guys will have a blessed and beautiful Christmas tomorrow!!! Hugs xxx

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