lace and grace

Commit first and handle the challenges as you go.  Good advice, right?  Well, I guess it all depends on the action and the consequences and what goes right and what goes wrong.  It seems to me that too often we wait until everything is perfect to begin — the problem here is that we might ultimately change our mind, and then we lose out on the experience that accompanies the process – both positive and negative.

A commitment requires dedication to a cause or activity and compels us to persevere despite challenges or setbacks.  Commitment means that when the going-gets-tough, we keep going.  When we commit, we vow to work through the struggle until we accomplish our goals.

Why all all this hullabaloo about commitment?  Well, I’ve always been an act-now and figure-it-out-later kinda gal.  This is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness.  Despite oftentimes finding myself in sticky situations, I always end up with a good story, and so I remain committed to commitment.
My first attempt at sewing was a perfect example of how committing without knowledge or skill can be tricky at first, but ultimately rewarding. Why is that? Well well well.  Not to expose my every weakness, but I watched YouTube videos on how to thread a machine and spin a bobbin for at least 30 minutes (it’s suppose to be simple).

That small task accomplished, I began sewing only to realize that I had enough thread for — well — nothing.  I was back to the fabric store before the project even began.  When I came home, I’d forgotten what I learned on YouTube and began the process again.

The good news, finally, is that I managed to make some fly dinner napkins by the end of the day.  Fly? Does anyone still use that adjective? The things that come out of my mouth… Image
Besides learning some basic sewing skills, I also decided something very important: I like good blogs and the people that write them.  I used the sewing instructions by GirlInspired, and as I cut and stitched and read her advice, I felt forever grateful that she opted to openly share her skills on the web.  And isn’t that what every blogger does?

Bloggers share their thoughts and creativity and experience with the public for the sake of.. well… sharing.  All the sharing is wonderful and inspiring and makes me to be part of the blogger community.  Keep sharing your recipes and recommendations and talents so that I can keep learning, experimenting and gaining new skills 🙂Image
Anyway, without further ado, my lace napkins:ImageImageImageImageImage

8 thoughts on “lace and grace

  1. I usually operate at the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe it’s from working by day as an engineer where every decision is analyzed, planned, and executed with a definitive purpose. However, those times when I do commit without being fully “prepared” does lead to some amazing adventures (and stories) 😉

  2. i am totally an act first, think later sort of person!!! i know how you feel. i also am terrified of sewing ONLY because of threading the bobbin. i’m glad to know i’m not the only one! i love your lace napkins, and the feeling of accomplishment, no matter how hard, is always worth it in the end!

  3. I love this. Commit first and work out the details and snags along the way. That’s basically how Angel and I are handling our lives right now. We’re committed to moving to Asia…hopefully this summer, now we’re doing our best to work out the details of getting jobs and visas along the way!! And my beginning ventures in sewing were very much facilitated by blogs (and the owner’s manual for my sewing machine). I remember Googling every new term that a pattern had. Your lace napkins turned out beautiful! Now you can have such a fancy dinner setting!

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