secret stash

Flowers make everything a bit nicer.  Is it the color?  Or perhaps the transience?  Whatever it is, winter finds me longing for fresh buds: I simultaneously wish for the return of autumn leaves and the blossoming of spring stems.
Never one to wish away my days, I decided to make a floral wreath that would allow winter blooms into the apartment.  We had a group of friends over for the Packers game last Sunday, and while the men munched and groaned and cheered over the game, the girls pasted and cut and twirled bits of paper.
At the end of the day, the Packers lost the game but we had a new wreath for the front door.  Win some & lose some, right?  Either way, I now have flowers long before spring arrives — a win in my book.

19 thoughts on “secret stash

  1. Alright, you gotta share how to make these. What a perfect idea for this time of year. After taking down all my holiday decorations, the house is looking a bit empty :/

  2. They’re seriously amazing Jen!!! So gorgeous. You know what, when I saw the thumbsize image I actually thought they were real… you did an incredible job. Gorgeous. Both you and the flowers! xxx

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