cold hands, warm hearts

Let no love go unspoken. I’m a romantic about my love life, true, but I’m also a romantic in general: I’m in love with the sincerity of friendships, the loyalty of family, the pride of communities, the history of cultures, the transcendence of stories, and the beauty of nature.  That’s right, I’m pretty wrapped up in love.

Can you guess which holiday is my favorite?  Hint: It comes in February and encourages us to be grateful for the people we love.
Valentine’s Day gets a bad reputation from skeptics claiming the holiday is a consumer trap that alienates the lonely.  But that’s a pretty superficial description, isn’t it?

At it’s core, Valentine’s Day encourages us to reflect on the sources of love in our life, and then, in turn, speak out about that love.  Give sweet notes to your neighbors.  Bake cookies for your friends.  Let your children know they’re loved.  And, if you’re lucky, wrap your sweetheart in kisses.
The Wall Street Journal published an article about the benefits of instilling gratitude in young children.  The study found that people with a “strong appreciation of other others reported having higher GPAs, less depression and envy and a more positive outlook than less grateful teens.” 

In my book, Valentine’s Day offers an ideal opportunity for reflecting on gratitude and sharing our appreciation for the people that brighten our world every day.  
To get people thinking about ‘who they love’ (excuse the grammatical error, didn’t want to be stuffy about street art), I did a little Valentine’s Day inspired rah rah rah project.

11 thoughts on “cold hands, warm hearts

  1. Very cool! I love this idea! I am glad to know that gratitude is linked to high GPAs. I try to instill a lot of gratitude in my son. He is two and its at an age where he sees and repeats everything that happens around him. So if he sees me being grateful and compassionate I hope he picks up on that also!

  2. I have a similar attitude toward Valentine’s Day, too. I know it gets a lot of flak, but I don’t see anything wrong with a little extra reason to smile and celebrate love–and whether single or not, it’s a great excuse to find extra ways to bless different people who you love!

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