outside the lines

I’m a ‘doodle-in-the-margins’ kinda girl.  After a semester of classes, I consider keeping my philosophy and history notebooks just in case I become uber-famous and the notebooks end up being ‘where it all started.’  Okay, okay, so I guess I’m a bit of a daydreamer too.  No surprise there.

I worked in an art museum for a few years, but I never understood the popular ‘a child could make that’ reaction to modern art.  I’m a fan of Pollock, Calder, Rothko and Twombly, and, for my part – I certainly couldn’t make anything resembling their work.  Let’s be clear: I can doodle in the margins and not much else.

Jon and I visited the Minnesota Institute of Art last night, and my 3 favorite paintings were done by 5, 7 and 8 year olds.  At long last, I realized that some children truly can make museum quality paintings.  I, however, was never one of them:ImageImage
Earlier in the day I made a different kind of artwork that ended up looking, well, better than the doodles in my notebook.  Jon’s visiting his mom and grandma this weekend, and I wanted to make a Valentine’s gift for him to bring them.  What do you think?
Okay, maybe dish towels aren’t the very.best.gift of all time, but I did my best 🙂  

20 thoughts on “outside the lines

  1. Oh I love the tea towel! I thought about this for Christmas presents, and maybe paying a company to print my designs. I of course never got round to it. But your idea is even better. Think I’ll do something similar. Thanks for sharing

  2. Perhaps a tangential departure, but how do you know that your art work is not worthy of a museum? The carefree innocence and creativity of a seven year old proves that art has no limits. If you were to take any of the many creations documented in past posts and have it displayed in a shadow box, your name could be on that wall also 😉 Art occurs in two dimensional and three dimensional form, through a painting, a sculpture, a written story, or an inspiring craft project that touches the heart of another 🙂

  3. Love it, girly! That towel is so sweet! My grandfather is a water color artist, and he would always force me to color outside of the lines in any coloring book I had…so funny! I now seem to love coloring “in the lines” because I’m so accustomed to coloring outside of them! But don’t you just love the Art Institute? It can be so relaxing walking around the viewing the paintings. And I’m convinced that your creativity and inspiring crafts and rah rah rah projects are definitely worthy of a museum! 🙂

  4. I too can doodle in the margins but thats it. What wonderful paintings but children in a museum, good for them to have such talent.
    Your dishtowels are gorgeous and I would be delighted if I had one! hey, maybe I should make one too! 🙂 xx

  5. I’m a total doodler too! When I was in middle school, I was kind of famous for my elaborate doodles on my brown paperbag book covers. I even did a few commissions for friends 🙂 That being said, I totally couldn’t bust out a Pollack. My favorite contemporary artist is Cy Twombly. He just speaks to me. And I was more than a little sad when my husband said he thought a child could make a Twombly painting. Ah, the great complexities of marriage! I love your tea towel, too! So cute 🙂

  6. I am definitely a doodler too. That towel is soo cute! I would love to learn to see for that reason… To so fun little random projects.

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