early birthday present

I would like to be gifted three public walls.  If that’s too much to ask, just one will do.  Thing is, i’ve got questions to ask and i need some answers, stat.
So one question per wall: who do you love? what are you reading? what are you thankful for?
Or, I suppose, I could use one wall for questions and the other two for something else?  That might be ideal because i think every town needs a doodle-wall — a space designated for crayons and markers and pens and bringing all your notebook creations to life.
If the universe smiles upon me and I get three walls, well, the third won’t go to waste:  I’d create a community directory.  How would this work, you wonder?
People would take a polaroid, write their name and an interesting fact on the white space, and then hang their picture on the wall.  This way, when we’re in the park or waiting for the bus or walking our dog, we can smile and wave and call one another by name.
Can someone call the mayor for me?  Help me get my walls? What would you do if the mayor gave you a wall?

16 thoughts on “early birthday present

  1. I love this idea and if I had a wall I would paint a huge set of arms wide open and have it say, “I have a hug for you!!! Pass it on!” 🙂

  2. Very cute! Haha ‘can be a good neighbor by not twerking’. But twerking with your neighbor can be so much fun (in the privacy of your own home with other people who get your humor of course) no? Should be, ‘can be a good neighbor by TWERKING MORE’ 😉

  3. In case you haven’t noticed, I am sort of smitten with inspirational quotes. I would designate a wall for each passing person to place their most inspiring quotes in the most unique way (different sizes, fonts, directions). Each day I walked past it, I would have one more positive thought to keep with me for the entire day. Ingenious idea yet again 😉

  4. Um, we need to get you some walls immediately! One of my college arty friends once had a contest to use freeway billboards in a more productive way by putting images and poems on them (empty billboards). It was so awesome!

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