no mountain high enough

When was the last time you were so excited you couldn’t sleep? Just stared at the ceiling while your imagination ran wild with your plans for the next day?

I packed for our trip last night, and then I lay awake hoping the polar-vortex wouldn’t freeze the plane fuel and cancel our vacation.  I managed to convince myself that the freeze was unlikely (even though we’ve had negative temperatures for the past few weeks), but then I started making a mental list of everything I wanted to do in Jamaica.  Before long, I turned on all the lights and made cocoa and created an itinerary for the vacation.


My personality is a bit of a mashup on the traditional type A and type B categories — I’m more of a mixed up alphabet.  Thing is, I’m a planner with a serious love for making lists (type A) but I’m absolutely fine when everything falls apart and nothing gets done (Type B.)   I want to explore the downtown and visit the caves and tour a lighthouse, but, to be honest, I’ll be happy if we never leave our beach chair.
I’m also okay with only one or two things getting done –  I guess we could call that Type G or Type M personality?  Thing is, I like designing grand plans, but the goals are always more like nice ideas than necessary tasks.  It’s more about the destination than the journey, right?

When I found a comic of the popular Friedman & Rosenman personality study, my inner artist came out and made a third category:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not the best artist.  Still, I think my doodling made the comic a little more inclusive.  Was it type C of me to make the change?  I wonder.

Anyway, what are you? Type A or Type B or something in between?

23 thoughts on “no mountain high enough

  1. How exciting! I hope that you have the most amazing time, and that things go either perfectly to plan or fall apart wonderfully, depending which way you’re leaning at the time 😉 I think I’m also a mix – I love planning and listing so that I have something to follow, but at the end of the day as long as it’s fun 🙂

  2. Actually, I never quite realized that I was a mix of the two until you brought this viewpoint to light, thanks for that 😉 It reminds me of a quote by Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean, “The pirate code is more of what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.”

    I love to be organized and have some of these guidelines. But, when push comes to shove, I am going to go with whatever strikes me in the moment 🙂 Have an awesome trip and enjoy the solar vortex in Jamaica!

  3. Oh, MAN, ISLAND PARADISE!!! I am so excited for you (and wildly jealous, of course :). I’m definitely a type C whose type A has kicked into gear. I used to be way more loosey goosey but as I get older, I find a lot of comfort in making a plan, regardless if I end up sticking to it. I guess that’s growing up?

  4. Have a great vacation!! Enjoy the warm weather enough for all us back here in the freezing tundra. I’m a mix of A&B too. I love planning all the little details, but if something else comes up, I’m in!

  5. I could say that I am type C as well. I always try to fit myself into one or the other category…but then think of all the reasons I’m I don’t fit.

    Have fun in Jamaica! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  6. Oh, I am definitely of another type. I like making lists too, but at the end of the day, I just want to explore and have fun! It’s important to bring out the impromptu adventurer in ya. I hope you have a blast in Jamaica! Your photos are going to be beautiful I’m sure 🙂

  7. hello jen, it’s your long lost blogger friend amy! 🙂 thanks again for guest posting for me last week while i was having surgery…i really appreciate it! have such a great time on your tropical adventure – so jealous you’re getting away to someplace warm during this freezing cold month, but you totally deserve it 🙂

  8. I think I’m a bit of a mix, too. I love lists and being organized, but I have a hard time staying organized and would rather have coffee with friends than fix it. Drives my husband crazy!

    I’m a new reader & see that you’re headed to Jamaica! My husband & I have been twice – once for our honeymoon and again for our babymoon. Absolutely gorgeous. Have a wonderful time!

  9. AHHHH!!! I can so relate to excitement that doesn’t let you sleep. That happens to me….alot. And I really like creating grand plans and making lists. 🙂

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