meet me at sunset

Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong, will.  If we’re cautious, we follow rules and take pains to finagle a felicitous outcome. In my opinion, all that extra work — the pains and rule following — is a waste of time.  Thing is, according to the law, things will still go wrong. 

Jon and I learned exactly how Murphy’s Law works on the first day of our vacation.  
The airline lost Jon’s luggage the first time he met my parents, and he ended up petitioning my brother and dad for clothes.  A believer that lightning actually does strike twice, we now only travel with carry-on bags.  Unfortunately for us, that means all sorts of responsibility for getting our suitcase through security, onto the plane, safely through a layover, and to our final destination.  Sort of the airport version of over the river and through the woods, right?

Or maybe it’s suppose to be more simple than that.  Most people seem to manage, right?  

Well, not us.
A five-hour layover created all sorts of opportunity for dining, shopping, reading, working (Jon), and napping.  With all the commotion (do we seriously enjoy the airport that much? It’s possible) it’s easy to forget (or convenient when it’s so gosh.darn.heavy) the whereabouts of your luggage.
The final boarding call for Jamaica rang out, and, with a look similar to Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, Jon and I realized that neither of us had our bag (that’s right, we shared one bag).  
“Wait here, hold the plane, I’ll find it.”  Jon took off running.

Hold the plane?  Are people allowed to do that?  What do I say?  We lost the luggage?  
A notice about how terribly illegal it is to leave unattended luggage in the airport rang out.

Luckily, Jon found the luggage in the first place we visited (four hours earlier) and made it back to the plane.  
Our trouble didn’t stop there.  

It was pouring rain when arrived at the hotel, and, what’s worse, the resort restaurants didn’t have any last minute availability.  Hungry and adventurous, we took turns sneaking into a buffet-style restaurant and bringing plates of food to an out-door patio table.  Did we get wet? Yes, of course, but we also got endless laughs.  
That night, we realized that Jon’s flipflops were broken and his swimsuit was too small.  He lamented his misfortune and I laughed some more.  

I went to bed thinking about how much fun it is when things go wrong.  When else can you exchange Macaulay Culkin and have a forbidden picnic in the rain?  With any luck, we would be kicked out of the hotel and spend the weekend camping or exploring foreign places.  

12 thoughts on “meet me at sunset

  1. Ah what a stressful way to start a vacation! But those beautiful shots of the beach and the sun I’m sure make you both feel a bit better! 🙂 Have so much fun! Keep going with the flow, girly!

  2. A similar trip happened to my hubby and I too- we were freshly engaged and took a trip up to Canada because hubby was going to transfer up there for work. Problem after problem, we ended up not being able to move up there but we have some stories to tell! (And was definitely a test of our relationship before we were even married!)

  3. As much as we don’t “wish” for things to go wrong, you are absolutely right. There is so much excitement in the unexpected. We open doors that would otherwise remain closed. We take risks that result in memories that will last much longer than the original “plan” 🙂 In the words of Amelia Earhart, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

  4. I’ve only told you I love your outlook on life after a million times now, or the amount of times I’ve commented on your blog. I want to be real life friends. Guess you’ll have to move to KC!

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