sparks on screen

A wander into the woods would be lovely.  If the light would sparkle through the trees and the breeze would blow through my hair, that would be a bonus.  Once I found a clearing I would take out my journal and, under a crown of trees, write my thoughts and doodle my ideas.  When my hand ached from writing, I’d simply lay and enjoy the sun on my skin.  

The sun on my skin is the most revealing part of that little reverie.  In reality, I’m home from my tropical vacation and staring out the window as the snow descends as quick as rain: none of that softly fluttering stuff over here.  It was so cold when we returned to Minneapolis that our tires were frozen to the street.  Can you imagine?  I should have stuck that Jamaican sun in my pocket.  
All this rambling is getting me thinking: do we have a natural habitat that we instinctively crave?  Do you prefer the mountains to the sea or the woods to the city?  A mix of all things, perhaps?
I mentioned yesterday that the beginning of our vacation was, well, comical.  The second day, however, brought what Jon calls my ‘Peter Pan smile.’  Background: there is a childhood photo of me grinning like Elf because I’m going to see Peter Pan on *ice.*  My family always tells me to do the Peter Pan smile, but when I swam with the dolphins, it came out all on its own:
We wanted to get the classic ‘kiss pic,’ but I was squealing too much and couldn’t keep my eyes open – it was that good.  The rest of our day was spent exploring on foot, but we found all sorts of gems:

17 thoughts on “sparks on screen

  1. I want both, beach and mountains 😉 I have one of those (the beach) 365 days a year and it always seems as though there is something missing. Personally, I always crave variety, novelty, change, transition. I miss the seasons. I miss witnessing the ebb and flow of Mother Nature. In a peculiar sort of way, it keeps you aware and feeling alive. Maybe, in the end, that is why we all take vacations. To rest and relax, probably. But, maybe we crave the sensory experience that the different parts of the world offer. Geez, I have gone off on a philosophical tangent now, haven’t I? 😉

    I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Jamaica. Although I am pretty sure the Jamaican sunshine will not jump out of your luggage and melt your liquid sunshine of the frozen variety, I know you will find a way to enjoy it nonetheless 🙂

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks like the absolute dream (especially since it has been in the negative degrees all week). Which answers your question: I am totally a beach person, through and through. It’s the California youth in me 🙂

  3. Ah! These pictures! What a beautiful place and what a fabulous time you must have had! And today it’s snowing so much! What a change! Right now, I think I’d take the beach over anything. But I sure do love the mountains and seclusion of the woods. Nothing like a cozy cabin fire, a warm blanket, and a hot cup of coffee. 🙂

    And oh my goodness DOLPHINS. I’m so dang jealous. Love it!

  4. I think we totally have a natural habitat that we crave. Personally, I would love to live in a city but be able to escape to the mountains. I’m in love with mountains and will always choose them over a beach, but right now a little sun and sand sounds amazing.
    -Kaitlyn 🙂
    P.S. Your photos are gorgeous

  5. oh wow, looks like your vacation was gorgeous and sunny! 🙂 love the photo of you with the dolphins – i got to do something similar when i was down in the carribbean where i got to stand on top of two dolphins and they carried me. it was so fun! sorry you’re back home to the cold, but i hope you enjoyed your time away 🙂

  6. That looks so, so gorgeous! And I’m experiencing the same kind of post-vacation disappointment with this ornery winter weather. It’s crazy cold here!

  7. oh i wish you could have pocketed that sun! at least you have fabulous memories!!! i am drawn to northern minnesota forests, and big lakes. something about them makes me calm!

  8. I think my ‘natural habitat’ would have to be warm weather, a beach, and a warm ocean. I think I could be eternally happy with that. I do enjoy other places and other weather in moderation (by which I mean snow is ok in December and no other time ever). Your vacation looks like so much fun! I am completely jealous, although I don’t envy the snow and frozen tires. I live in a fairly warm climate, but no beach, no water at all really. Good luck readjusting!

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