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I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  Thing is, I made a big deal of the holiday until I fell in love.  When I was single, I would gather up my girlfriends and plan a night out that celebrated friendship.  If I had a boyfriend, I  got excited about the roses and the chocolates and the declarations of adoration under the moonlight.

Now, however, I see the day as an almost trivial reminder of the things that we should be celebrating every single day.  We should make an effort to celebrate love whenever we can, not only when the calendar rolls around to February 14.  I said ‘i do’ on my wedding day, but I make a point of reminding myself of that promise all year round.
This year, I’m boycotting Valentine’s Day.

But there’s a catch — I’m going to celebrate love all the other 364 days of the year.  And, just so my husband doesn’t feel left out, I’m planning a surprise indoor picnic for him on February 13.

How does the surprise work?  I’m going to give him a clue about the details of the indoor-fondu picnic for 6 days leading up to the big surprise.
If you want to make something similar, it’s cheap & simple & hopefully fun — all you do is write the clue number on the front of the envelope and then leave a note hinting at the surprise inside each of the cards.
I decorated the outside of the cards with stickers that I received in my monthly mail package from Ginger Mail.  ImageImage
In case you’re wondering, Ginger Mail is like Birchbox for paper lovers: each month a themed package of cards, stickers and small crafts arrives in your mailbox to inspire your work (and make you smile).Image
What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate every February 14th?

24 thoughts on “ace of dates

  1. That is an amazing idea!
    And no, we tend not to celebrate Valentines Day. Our anniversary is two weeks prior so by the time Valentines rolls around the holiday doesn’t have much luster. The only time that we’ve done a big Valentines Day was when he was out to sea for our anniversary .. so Valentines Day is pretty much a rain check date 😉

  2. Aw, I like the idea of celebrating love 364 days of the year. Not just when dictated by a public holiday! I think your husband is going to love the idea of an indoor picnic. For the most part, I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with my friends. This year, I’m celebrating all the people close to my heart. Letter writing galore to send out some wishes of love and happiness 🙂

  3. Ahem, what Sofia said 😉 Aside from that, I think this is an awesome idea. I sort of feel the same way about the Christmas season also. It always seems to be filled with such hope, cheer, and well wishes from everyone. Why do we flip a switch and go back to our old selves come January 1st? Why not carry that aura of the holiday season through the other 11 months of the year? The same thing with Valentine’s Day 🙂 I suppose that we know when we are living in love when Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar. Best wishes on your surprise, enjoy the anticipation 😉

    • it’s funny because immediately after i typed this i wanted to delete the whole post and go back to celebrating valentine’s day — but now i’m just resolved to get more out of the holiday by celebrating lots before and after 🙂

  4. I will say that I’m shocked that you are boycotting…but not about your reasons why. I like valentine’s day, although I don’t need it to be anything fancy. I was thinking about doing my first rah rah project for V-day…maybe just taping up heart shape suckers or candy in a public place…I’m starting small. 🙂

  5. I adore your indoor picnic idea with the 6 days of hints! As for us, we celebrate our love all 365 days of the year. We did get engaged on Valentine’s Day so we mark that with a special weekend. We each select 3 or 4 romantic movies and have a love weekend. We watch movies, I bake his favorite dessert and he creates a 5* meal. It is perfect and we always look forward to it every year! 🙂 Happy Love Day! 🙂

  6. Those clue cards are just adorable! Valentines Day has never really been a big deal for me (single or taken). While I do like to acknowledge it with a little something, I completely agree with the sentiment of expressing love year round. What’s the big deal about this one day of the year that’s not even really a holiday? (In my book, holidays = no work.) For my husband and me, our relationship anniversaries (first kiss, wedding) are much more meaningful.

  7. We both have February birthdays, so we do not celebrate Valentine’s day. Neither of us were big on it even before we were together anyway, so it’s no big change for either of us.

  8. Those clues are so fun! The suspense would kill me. I love to celebrate- even if it’s nothing big, I like to make sure we plan something (any excuse is a good one type of thing).

    Thanks for introducing me to gingermail… I just spent the last 10 minutes browsing the site and might have to sign up. Who wouldn’t want paper goods in the mail?

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