seeking magic wand

Love lost and love found and the world spins round and we, hopefully, come out all the stronger for it.  An adventure-filled weekend began with a visit to Mr. Kip Moore, continued with a sunrise road trip to the Hot Air Festival, and ended with a journey to the “lost and found” ice house on White Bear Lake.  
Now, I’m not usually one for ice houses (brrr), but when an entire village transforms into art shacks, well, I’ll make an exception.  I dragged Jon onto the lake to dance in an ice-shanty, see a recurring sunrise, and visit a 20ft polar bear.
The last house we visited, the lost & found shanty, was quirky and wonderful and without-a-doubt my favorite.  The owner invited people to create and hang advertisements for anything they’d lost or hoped to find:
The owner said she was surprised by the unique and artistic signs people created.  I scoured the small shack for my favorite, and, after reading nearly a hundred advertisements, I was more impressed by the similarities between the signs.
Sure some creative people “wanted magic wands” or “lost baby teeth,” but, by and large, most people found things like love and friendship, and wanted things like sunshine and second chances (there were a surprising number of ‘want’ ads in the lost&found house).  To me, the lost&found shack was a reminder of how similar we all are.
I opened this post with a thought about how losing and finding are two equally important parts of life.  I’ve lost important things, of course, but the loss usually made room for finding something even better.
On a slightly different note, I found an old chapstick in a coat the other day and got ‘cookies-out-of-the-oven’ excited — it was my favorite cherry flavor.  And, as a throwback thought, I once *found* $50 in a pair of shorts I bought at the mall.

Have you ever lost something important? Have you ever found something awesome?

13 thoughts on “seeking magic wand

  1. Wow, that sounds really cool! I wonder what I would write…. Probably something like, “I found my other half, meaning my best friend.” Or something like that…. I am constantly leaving extra dollars from purchases in my shorts’ pockets and latter find them in the wash…. If my sister hasn’t stolen them first. 🙂

  2. What a fun-filled weekend! The lost and found shack seems like a place overflowing with positive vibes. I suppose I’ve lost my college life, and have found (slightly) the transition period/reality check phase. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but keeping up with the positive vibes, I can’t wait to feel absolutely satisfied. Have a beautiful day!

    • isn’t the reality check phase the worst? my brother just graduated college this past december and i wish i could wrap him in hugs and send him nonstop fro-yo while he transitions. when did you graduate? what did you study?

  3. Love this! Such a great weekend! My family lives in White Bear Lake, so I’ve seen that polar bear! Such a cool creation! And an old chapstick discovery just makes the weekend all the better. 😉

    • Jon and I love White Bear Lake – the downtown is so poetic and it seems like they always have fun/creative festivals – we’ve even thought about buying there in a few years (if I can ever manage to leave the city, that is..)

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