creative intervention

You know that ice breaker where everyone goes around the room and says something interesting about themselves?  How they have a twin or speak 3 languages or won a chili-cooking competition?  The wheels in mind get to spinning whenever I wind up playing, and I usually respond with something anti-climactic like “I read a book a week.”  Read a book a week? That’s more anti-social than interesting, and it usually generates a few (many) odd looks.
Thing is, I’m a bit of an open book, and everyone already knows that I’m silly and thankful and oddly obsessed with BBQ.  Most people know that I studied art and love photography and will do anything for a laugh.  Close friends know that I wear the same outfit over and over if I don’t think I’ll run into the same person.
Blog readers are probably aware that I like public art and collaborative projects.  So if I told you that I joined The League of Creative Interventionists, you probably wouldn’t be too surprised, right?  Image
The League is an international network of individuals that perform a ‘creative intervention’ around a theme every month.  This month, the league asked creative interventionists to create a wall that inspired people to respond to the prompt “my first love was…”  I told my friend Katie about the project, and she suggested we hang the wall at Mall of America so that participants could keep warm.  
Katie wrote ‘music,’ I wrote ‘creativity,’ and we left the rest blank for the public.  What would your answer be?  

26 thoughts on “creative intervention

  1. Nerd alert, nerd alert, you have been warned 😉 My first love was school, or more generically, learning. I am still a sponge for new information that helps me better understand the world around me. Whether it is technical, social, psychological, or philosophical, I yearn to be enlightened. Another wonderful idea to connect people on a deeper level, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This League sounds fantastic! And I love that you left blank stickers for the public.

    My first love was oranges (or nummy-nummies as my little self called them), followed shortly thereafter by playing pretend. I was practically an only child so reading and playing with imaginary friends was great entertainment. 🙂

  3. Mine was reading. Before I got in trouble for breaking curfew in high school, I used to get in trouble in elementary school/middle school for having my light on late at night because I would stay up all night to finish a book.

  4. Ahhh I’d always do the same exact thing in college when that question was asked. There was one semester when I told everyone I was in a bowling league lol. Dangit, there was more interesting things to be said than that! 😉 My first love…probably a toss up between reading and writing. I started both around five and have been smitten ever since! And yay you for joining such a cool league!

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