take me with you

All day long I’ve been thinking about home.  And not in a ‘home is wherever I’m with you’ sort of way. Oh no, today I’m thinking about getting away from home and going somewhere far, far away – all because Twitter told me to.

Would you do whatever Twitter told you to? Or is that the modern day equivalent of ‘following your friends right off a cliff?’

Thing is, Twitter seems to have all sorts of research and science and statistics to support the theory that people get happier the further away from home they travel.   Are we tweeting while visiting the Coliseum and climbing the Eiffel and swimming with the dolphins?  Or do we really just get all sorts of happy when jaunting somewhere new?
Or, we could spin it all around and say that we’re more likely to be tweeting about our dislike for work and snow and traffic when we’re at home – and so, by comparison, we’re much happier on vacation?  What do you think?

Now, a blessing for my blog and a problem for my close friends: I love reading newspapers and magazines just as much as I love reading books and, in the thick of all that reading, I like asking people “did you know?” and “what do you think?” and “if this article says this and that book says that then can it be possible…?’
And on that note, I just read a report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research that lists the US as the only developed country that doesn’t legally require paid vacation.  If you’re lucky enough to get 2 weeks vacay from your job, well, you’re just that – lucky! It’s not required, which is unfortunate, because according to Twitter – we’re going be much, much happier if we get away for a fortnight or two (or three if you’re me).

But, then again, my little cousin made the happiest little igloo, and she seems pretty content in her home.  Maybe, like most things, it’s about perspective? I suppose some people are happier at home in their warm igloo than traveling here and there and everywhere.
Side note:  Denmark pays employees more while they’re on vacation to cover travel expenses.  I might leave my igloo and move to Denmark for that kind of pay.

23 thoughts on “take me with you

  1. The U.S does not allow enough vacation time. In my opinion people would be SO much more productive, happier, less stressed, and work harder if the states gave 6 six weeks paid vacation or the option to go longer unpaid. After living in England for 4 years and traveling Europe extensively people are shocked at how Americans can’t take vacation and like you said are lucky to get 2 weeks paid time off. They are shocked and saddened by this! After living in Korea and now getting the 6 weeks paid time off I am also saddened by it. No wonder only 8% or some crazy low statistic of Americans have a passport! They don’t get enough time off to LEAVE! Getting away for an extended period of time also gives you a fresh perspective and appreciation for where you do live. C’MON America. GET ON BOARD!!!!!!!

  2. vacations are tricky- they’re so exciting before you go, but then towards the end, you just want your own bed and the comfort of your own place! well, thats how it it for me at least..
    p.s great igloo!

  3. Thanks for reminding me that paid vacation is a gift. I forget that sometime. Just like a Christmas bonus isn’t required. I found that out at my last job.

  4. I’m surprised to hear that you get no paid leave over there! Here in Germany people seem to be constantly travelling, which I think helps people in general to have such a broad knowledge of the world. I’m always impressed by how aware they are of situations in other countries.

  5. I know Angel’s paid vacation time will be something I truly miss when he leaves this job! And I hope we’ve used it well during our few years of “extravagant” life in the u.s. We haven’t had a lot of money for traveling, but together we’ve been to Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, and a couple fun spots in Michigan, too! Basically we’ve gone everywhere within reasonable road trip distance! ;P

  6. Oh wow, I used to pity myself for my measly two weeks paid vacation (I think that’s the minimum for a full time job in Canada?), but I didn’t realize that you guys sometimes don’t get any! It’s seriously too bad…I definitely agree that people are happier and more productive when they get some time away from home, or at least away from work! Also, I think I might just move to Denmark too 😉

  7. Now you’ve gone and done it, you have messed up the entire global population equilibrium with this massive influx into Denmark (myself included) 😉

    Seriously, though, your choice of words is very apropos. Perspective. In the end, the thing I crave most is different experiences, new discoveries. Sometimes you get that from admiring the view from atop the Eiffel Tower, and sometimes it’s from the cozy warmth of your homemade igloo in the backyard.

    I crave home and I crave faraway places. I need both, at different times. Still, Denmark is sounding pretty enticing right about now 😉

  8. this post flared my travel bug! 🙂 i think we are “happier” during vacation just because we are away from the every day stresses of life & they aren’t constantly in our line of sight!

  9. the US is so far behind on this work-life balance thing.. its a common topic amongst friends in europe – ‘do you get ANY holiday at all?’ ‘we get 2 weeks, at most’ ‘it takes a week to even travel to some places!’ your cousin looks so cute and content!

  10. I love the adventure of going someplace new and trying new things! A friend recommended this Netflix show, An Idiot Abroad, to me about a guy who was hesitant to visit all these different cultures and places, and as I was watching the first episode, I was like, dude! You should be happier about getting to do all this neat stuff! But he was like, this place is weird, their food is weird, the way they do things is wrong, and that was frustrating to me. I’d be happy to take his place!!

  11. i think that just getting away from the rules of life is relaxing. we could be camping up north for a weekend, and i don’t worry about having to clean the house, pay the bills, etc. so i think being away from home for a while, no matter where you go, is always good for the body and soul!!

  12. The US is so crazy about vacations- we need to get on the european band wagon and have at least 4 weeks a year. Also maternity leave is a big one too- I think it’s Sweden that women get 2 years of maternity leave paid.

  13. 2 weeks vacation time is totally baffling to me! Why, US, why? I always feel bad when I take all of my vacation days but reading things like this and seeing studies that show people are happier when they are not constantly working makes me glad that I do–even if I’m the only one in my office who does! I guess I’ll be okay with being thought of as a slacker if I’m traveling both near and far 🙂

  14. It’s so crazy to compare US to other countries like that. I had no idea about vacation benefits! I don’t like either how other countries let women take a year off for maternity leave and here it’s 3 months if you’re lucky…

  15. Man, I would LOVE to get away right now. I think the winter weather is wearing me down. But I’m one of those “unlucky” few who earn their days off – and I’m currently earning less than a day a month. Saving up for a summer getaway! Hope you can find some local adventures!

  16. I think Canada gives us 2 weeks, if you’re full time (but not until you’ve worked 1 year)… I can’t imagine none- ever! Does a staycation count? Because those make me pretty darn happy too.

  17. And people in most other countries don’t have to give up their vacation time in order to save up for maternity leave. As a girl in my twenties, I’m having a lot of trouble coming to terms with this. I feel like if I even want to start a family in the next five years, I need to start saving now. 5 years without vacation? Yikes!

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