nowhere to be

We made our own rules and jaunted up, down, sideways, and around three times.  Crowds marched onward and upward while we searched for interesting rock formations, hidden caves and gorgeous views.  
The original goal was to climb the mountain, but we got distracted by wildflowers about halfway up the trail.  After a bit of a chat and some yoga, we decided we’d rather have an adventure than climb to the top:
Hiking sideways instead of upward (as advised) made me think about about life — it’s not about seeing how far you can go, but learning how to enjoy every step of the journey.  Pause every now and again to examine where you are and take in the goodness of the present moment — if you’re truly enjoying it, why not stay for a while? 

19 thoughts on “nowhere to be

  1. So true! I sometimes prefer hiking or walking while being lost because then, knowing that we might not reach where we wanted to go, I enjoy the process of the walk a little more, rather than just looking forward to the destination. Hiking around the mountain looks like fun with all those wildflowers! 🙂

  2. The mountains certainly seemed to provide a great deal of perspective on life at times, don’t they? 😉 This looks like South Mountain, a place I frequented quite often during my time in Phoenix. Beautiful images, wonderful message.

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