bikini in the streets

Spring forward, step right up, and splish-splash into the puddles debuting all over Minneapolis.  At long last, the coldest winter in 37 years is stepping aside for blooming flowers, warm light, and sun-kissed cheeks. 

We live in an itsy-bitsy apartment on a teeny-tiny street in Minneapolis, and a steady stream of blizzards has kept snowdrifts lining our block for the past four months.   Not just any snowdrifts, mind you, but mounds rising nearly 5ft on both sides of the street.  A winter wonderland or, if you don’t have gloves, a bitter frozen tundra.
Temps reached nearly 45 degrees today, and I tingled with excitement as I watched the streets fill with water.  I considered grabbing my bikini and going for a swim to celebrate the start of spring. 

Imagine my excitement when I stepped into a puddle and sank to my knees.  It was glorious and grand and made me all kinds of giddy.  Before long, I was daydreaming about roadtrips and softball games and bike rides to the farmer’s market. 

To get prepared for spring adventures, I made a picnic blanket out of scrap fabric.  I took five colorful scraps of fabric, sewed them together, and then lined the back with a similar pattern.
How are you preparing for spring?

23 thoughts on “bikini in the streets

  1. Love the blanket!! 😀 I live in a place that is constantly hot… Winter, which is just rain and weather in the 60s-early 70s, lasts about two months… I’ve never seen snow! It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to go somewhere cold, and fun, when I am older!

  2. Isn’t the hope of spring a wonderful thing? When we get into the cold tundra of winter, or the humid dog days of summer, we always long for the change, a transition to a new season. Spring and fall have always been my favorite seasons as they are a time of change and natural beauty unfolding. Either through the blooming of flowers and buds, or the colorful leaves and crisp autumn air, it is a delight for all the senses. Enjoy the season, and you may want to consider building a small boat for the melting of those five foot snow drifts 🙂

  3. Love your cute boots! And I’m all about these puddles! Bring on the warm weather! Darrin and I have been biking to the gym, and the bike ride is MUCH more enjoyable when you’re not slipping on ice! 🙂

  4. What a cute blanket. Well, I’m preparing for spring by cleaning the house. My husband just shakes his head, but I take the expression, ‘spring cleaning’ seriously…lol.

  5. What a charming post, Jennifer! When I read this post’s title, I wondered if you would truly brave the snow in your bikini– but this blanket is an even more pleasant find. I am a fan of fabrics, and those you chose are just dreamy.

    I actually wrote a post today about looking forward to spring, and I like your question at the end of your post. I am preparing for spring by cycling indoors using a resistance trainer, and I have already packed up my sweaters. I am also in the process of making a list of ‘things to do before spring is over.’ Thanks for asking!

  6. That blanket is lovely!! The bright colors and patterns mixed together are gorgeous! We had two days so far when it was warm enough that snow was melting and puddles were everywhere. But since then we’ve gotten new snow and it looks like a winter wonderland again! Still, I think Spring is getting closer…

  7. We are doing the same thing! Even though it is only 40 degrees outside, we spent most of the evening with the porch door open because, let’s face it, it’s much warmer than it has been. We are thoroughly planning our spring.

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