fire the imagination

“The city is melting away.”  Promising words coming from anyone besides a fire chief, right?  I’m keeping the windows open to hear the pit pat of snow melting off roofs, and my rain boots are a necessity for navigating the puddles that are here there and everywhere.  The melting makes everything feel clean and fresh and hopeful.  
For some reason, my thoughts crossed and I realized that firemen probably aren’t too keen on the word ‘melt.’  And then, what do you know, I remembered that my friends at the fire station needed new pillowcases.  
The last time I was there, they told me that they don’t have a budget for linens, and that the 21 pillowcases inside the station are older than me.  A call to action or a simple statement?  For me, it inspired a random act of happiness — pillowcases for Station 8. 

15 thoughts on “fire the imagination

  1. What a great idea!! You would think maybe they would start bringing their own pillows to work, if they were that old and gross…? But now they don’t have to worry about that! 🙂

  2. You know, it’s one thing to actually buy the new linens and pillowcases for your local firemen. It is money, after all. But, what is even more admirable in my eyes is that after all the time that has gone by (I remember your last post almost a year ago) you thought to remember that they were needed. It shows just how kind and thoughtful a person you can be, inspiring indeed 😉

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