mermaids don’t do homework


I’m not really lukewarm about anything; I either ignore something or love it so much that I want it/gotta have it/can’t live without it.  This character trait is turning out to be a big huge problem, and I’m blaming the Internet. 

Thing is, every time I stumble on Pinterest or Gawker or 1 one of my 100 favorite blogs, I’m impressed and inspired and off to try whatever is being promoted – recipes, crafts, products, you name it.

To make things more complicated, I also have random sparks of creativity where I feel my own inspiration to mix this and that and the other to create something entirely new. 

Today, for instance, I decided to make Jon cookies while he watched March Madness, and I wanted to do something with Wisconsin colors – meet Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies.  My own win of sorts, right?
But then I read about the world’s easiest mini-cheesecake, and I knew I had to take action.  Mix and freeze and eat? Ah, so simple it had to be done.  All you do is mix the ingredients and then chill in a muffin tin for 45 minutes.  
So yes, like I said, a bit of a problem in our apartment: cheesecakes and cookies and enough sugar to feed the entire Wisconsin basketball team.  Time to share with the neighbors I guess…


17 thoughts on “mermaids don’t do homework

  1. Love it 😉 I have harped on some of the “dangers” of relying too much on technology and the internet. But, you have found the most positive and beneficial ways of utilizing it, even if you may think it’s a problem 😉

    Whenever you are able to find a forum to learn about what others are doing, and then use that information along with your own touch of whimsy and imagination, true creativity is born. Keep going, don’t stop, it’s contagious in the best way possible!

  2. Haha cheesecake and cookies don’t seem like much of a problem to me! 🙂 I definitely get on creative kicks too – but then I go for a few weeks where I don’t want to make/cook anything!

  3. I don’t think I bake a lot, but the last 3 or 4 times my grandparents have visited, I’ve had some sort of homemade cookies out on the table for them…now I think they’ll be shocked if I don’t have anything made. I get inspired to try new recipes or create my own ideas of recipes every once in a while…but when I’m making something out of my head it generally can’t be repeated exactly, which is a downside if it turned out perfectly…

  4. That red velvet cake looks amazing! If you ever find yourself with too many sweets and not enough people to eat them, I know a lovely couple on Bryant street who would happily help you out 😉

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