you > coffee + cupcakes

I’m impossibly easy to please.  I took a morning walk around the melting lakes, and I returned home smiling like I’d just been asked to prom (inside info: prom was my first date so I got pretty gosh darn excited about the big dance).  But why am I so giddy about my early morning walk? What’s the fuss, right?
Well, the goodness started when I passed a man carrying flowers, kicked into high gear when a girl rushed past with her yoga mat, and solidified when a stranger waved hello.  It’s not that I particularly like men with flowers or girls with yoga mats or smiling strangers, but I like the things they stand for : romance and kindred-spirits and friendliness.  I look at things, see the inner-goodness, and feel pretty happy with the state of things.
You know what else I like?  Fun flyers that let you take away free thoughts and compliments and kind words.  I like them so much, in fact, that I made my own to spread about the neighborhood.
The sweet clipart was designed by Ink Nest, and I had some fun coming up with phrases and sayings that might generate smiles from passerby.
If you want to print your own – spread a little happy in your neighborhood – you can download the file here.

19 thoughts on “you > coffee + cupcakes

  1. If everyone took the time to appreciate the people who stand for the beautiful things in the world, there would be many more smiles walking by on the sidewalk. I am sure that your acts of kindness spread those smiles even farther. Thanks for the morning grin 😉

  2. I love that idea. I’ll have to think of where I can put them, too. By the way, I tried following you, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to. Either way, I’ll keep reading.

  3. Jennifer you are honestly one of the kindest most amazing souls I have come along in such a long time. I like you find remarkable beauty and happiness in the simplest of pleasures and would have it no other way. Please move to Boston.

  4. What a fantastic idea Jen. You are the sweetest, most beautiful chick around!! I am definitely going to print off your lovely flyer and pin some up around my neighbourhood. Extra love never goes astray xx

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