hey there perfection

Too much talk about dreams and goals fills me with a need to stop everything, cuddle my husband, play with my puppy, ride my bike, pick some flowers, and invite my nearest and dearest for a home-cooked brunch.

Envisioning my perfect day helps me recount the things and people that are most important to me.  I close my eyes and wonder: ‘if I could do anything, what would I do and whom would I do it with?’

Is the perfect day an illusion?  I described bits and pieces of what mine would look like – friends and biking and cooking  – but still so much was left out – think yoga and hiking and being with friends.  All the activity makes me wonder if the perfect day truly exists? Might I be more honest if I envisioned the perfect week?

It seems true that there isn’t enough time for all my favorite things to happen in just one day. For instance, I need time for a morning stroll and time to make waffles; time to read the WSJ and time to sleep-in; time to watch the sunrise and time to call my grandma. And heavens: that’s just the morning.

Journaling about the improbability of the perfect day has me mentally creating a game where you pick activities and design a different ‘perfect day’ each time you play.  So much, in fact, that I stopped writing and designed this graphic:
Now tell me: what’s your perfect day? Week? Does it look anything like my game?

19 thoughts on “hey there perfection

  1. I like making plans to have something to look forward to, but I find that the most “perfect days” are the ones that are not planned at all. Like this morning, we had no plans. My hubby let me sleep in (hallelujah), then we decided to sit outside while we drank our coffee, and after feeling rejuvenated by the fresh air without freezing our butts off, we decided to get the bikes out for the kids so they could ride outside. It was perfect. And now they are napping so I even have some time to do some reflecting. Thanks again for another lovely read.

    P.S. I’m liking how your perfect week is looking! Have a lovely one 🙂

  2. What fun ideas! I think my perfect day consists of sleeping in, eating pancakes (one of the most wonderful foods in the world, in my opinion.), reading and going for a bike ride or playing in the rain. 🙂 But there are so many things that I enjoy and not enough hours in the day, a week may not even be enough. I want to explore, try new foods, cook new foods, watch good movies…

  3. That graphic is great! I agree, I would need a perfect week, or at least weekend – one day isn’t enough…. I always have trouble when people ask what I’d do if I had one last day left to live!

  4. I have to agree with Aimee above- my favourite days tend to be the ones that are unplanned and completely spontaneous! Or days that I get to sleep in and have pancakes, go to yoga, enjoy a good book… 🙂

  5. I feel like there are so many different kinds of perfect days. There’s the perfect day with Angel….the perfect day with my family…the perfect day trying something new and blissfully exciting..the perfect day with friends I haven’t seen since high school…the perfect day when I write or create something I’m very proud of…the perfect day of an activity that’s old and well-love….so many choices!

    • i made it with photoshop – pretty simple really! it’d be awesome to have something like this in a yoga studio- such a neat idea 🙂 photoshop lets you download the software for free if you don’t already have it. i’d be happy to meet up and help you though!

  6. I love that image and want to recreate it myself (copycat I know..) How hard was it!? I feel fortunate to awake to a beautiful sunrise most mornings, the exception being on rainy or snowy days.

    • haha, i got all excited about the graphic until i realized how long it would take… oy vey! but it’s kind of fun to work on, so definitely go for it. i’m excited to see what you come up with 🙂

  7. Kind of love that you read the WSJ! 🙂 And your graphic is awesome…I would say it pretty much encompasses my perfect day as well. 😀 It would be something like sleeping in, waking up looking super fabulous naturally, throwing on a sundress, going to a fancy brunch, then going to a giant outdoor flea market in the perfect weather, then a fancy dinner party with friends and a book at the end of it all. 😀

    • I wasn’t done!! This reminds me of those storybooks where you choose a direction for the story to take at the end of each chapter. So it’s like 20 books in one depending on the way you take it. Love!

  8. I love your graphic!! It seems like our perfect day would look really similar! But mine would include plenty of coffee stops at all our favorite places. 🙂

  9. I LOVE your graphic! I’ve always wanted to make a graphic, but it intimidates me 🙂 You are so right, there is no way I could fit everything perfect into one day. If I were to have an infographic, it’d probably look really similar to yours!

    If it were ever possible to fit it all in, my perfect day/week would certainly involve sleeping in, going on a morning run/hike, doing yoga, a beautiful brunch, leisurely writing and reading with my coffee, getting out and exploring with my camera, friends, and husband, sunbathing, a visit with family, a dinner and movie date night, and baking something yummy (to go with the movie, most probably!)

  10. I am right there with Aimee in the first comment. I have attempted to plan some of these “perfect” days, only to have them not come off as expected. The most perfect days aren’t actually perfect. They are the days when the unexpected jostles you out of a routine and helps you to see something different and unique in the day. With that being said, it sure looks like you have a fun game to create the unexpected. Roll a pair of dice and work your way from top to bottom in your graphic (which really is a work of art) 😉

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