coffee sunrise

A long line at the supermarket makes me twiddle my thumbs and wish for a fast-forward button.  I have similar feelings about stop-and-go traffic.  All the wait, wait, waiting takes time away from the people I love and the activities I hold dear.
And that kind of waiting is the easiest – you can see the finish-line and you know that if you hang in there, just a few minutes more, the line will end and the traffic will part.  But what about the longer kind of waiting – the kind that entails transitioning to a new life stage?
The ‘stage of life’ wait is more abstract, and the blurry outline provides room for all sorts of what-if questions and worst-case scenarios.  What if I don’t get into college?  Can l find a job with an art major?  Will I like working as a marketing associate?  Image
Surely you’re familiar with these questions – we’ve all had them.  I woke up with ‘what if’ questions on mind, mused about them while I sipped my coffee, and then tossed them aside to go hiking with my husband.Image
I remind myself that it’s impossible to control the future, but I can work diligently, here and now, to enjoy the present.

13 thoughts on “coffee sunrise

  1. I was JUST thinking about this today! It’s impossible to control the past, which is sometimes just as hard to accept. Such a good reminder that today is all we’re guaranteed, so we might as well enjoy it.

  2. So true. Waiting waiting waiting, and without any control. Thank God (literally) that I don’t need to be in control, but that He holds my future, and I just need to work in the present… enjoying it, using it wisely. Looks like a wonderful wintery hike!

  3. Well fancy that, I completely needed this post today! After waking up feeling anxious about the future (out of no where too) I had to remind myself to calm down…it will all be ok! 🙂

  4. I have times when I get too impatient wondering about when the next life stage, the next big adventure will come. But a lot of times we don’t get to know that kind of information quite as soon as we want to, so it’s good to focus on being content in the meantime!

  5. I get so caught up in the what if game. Especially all those “what is my purpose” questions about career, family and the future. But I guess you’re right. No amount of pondering will give you the answer, so you might as well enjoy where you are now!

  6. I struggle ALL the time with planning (and worrying about) the future too much. But I too am working on just enjoying the moment! Because right now is all that we’re guaranteed, so we may as well live it… and love it! 🙂

  7. I missed this one on Tuesday! I am terrible at waiting. And I can be terrible at enjoying the present without worrying about the near or distant future. It’s a constant work in progress for me! I love your last line!!

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