roll my dice

What do internet dating, gambling and spring 2014 have in common?  Hehe, you probably already know, but if not, I’m about to let you in on a little secret: ya never know what you’re going to get.  Seriously, y’all — I had just about packed up my winter gear when I woke up to swirling snow and biting winds that made me grab my book and warm some tea and crawl back into bed.
And by the time I got out of bed?  You guessed it- so sunny that I ran out-of-doors to soak up the blue skies and fresh air before the next blast of snow.  All the focus on the ‘here and now’ and ‘enjoy it while you can’ inspired me to design a spring photo challenge to make sure I capture the best moments of the season. One thing led to another, and wah-lah-tee-dah, my challenge:
Truly possible or too ambitious?  Not sure yet, but I’m definitely going to give it a try –  I even got started  today.   Two cupcakes for me: I’m now 1/9 of the way done 🙂

25 thoughts on “roll my dice

  1. What a wonderful challenge. I definitely don’t think it’s too ambitious at all. Not to mention, these challenges sound like so much fun. Well, except for the muddy mess… 🙂 You always have the best ideas.

  2. I think I might only have trouble with the kites, which is your #1 on your list, so you must run into more kites than me! Ha! What a great idea. I might have to may my own list. I’m horrible about posting to instagram so maybe I could kill two birds with one stone? Improve my posting consistency and appreciate spring more!

  3. Naw, I should’ve done this challenge during spring/summer last year! Maybe I should set myself an autumn photo challenge instead… today’s photo can be ‘jumper’ as I had to wear one this morning whilst eating breakfast (it’s a rare phenomenon in my house!). Love this Jen xx

  4. So, I absolutely love your photos, but is it wrong to say I am even more impressed with the way you pull together the banners and clip art that you do? 😉 Your perfect day diagram and this photo shoot challenge banner are really creative and engaging. I have a feeling spring is on its way, enjoy 😉

    • yes, please play along – it will give me more motivation to get some of it done. even if i don’t finish, it’s a kind of fun mission, right? and as far as the book – i’m only 20% done but i’m really liking it – it’s a touching YA novel that feels raw & tender.

  5. I am eagerly awaiting buds and blossoms to take photos of….or just to stare at endlessly. Now I just have to wait patiently for that lilac bush in my yard to get the memo!

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