literary magic

Confession: I’m a jealous person.  It’s not something we generally go around admitting, is it?  But if I think about it, dig deep and stay honest, I would bet everyone gets a case of green envy every now and again.

We’re told that comparison is the thief of joy, and jealousy is.. well.. evil.  But I tend to think about it differently, and I might even go so far as to say I like being jealous.   Today, for instance, I was reading Tell The Wolves I’m Home when I came across this passage:

“I felt like I had proof that not all days are the same length, not all time has the same weight. Proof that there are worlds and worlds and worlds on top of worlds, if you want them to be there.”
I closed the book and thought about the beauty and poignancy in that transcendent sentence – about how lyricism and thought combined into some kind of literary magic.  Sure as luck, I found myself wishing I could write like that – I was jealous.
But you know what the jealousy did?  It made me want to put down the book and grab my journal and write write write until I came up with something original and true and inspiring.  I might not ever write anything worth publishing, but I’m inspired to try.  If jealousy motivates me to dream and work and strive, can it really be that bad?
What are your thoughts on the rock  garden I made?  I wanted to take pictures of flowers, but since they aren’t blooming yet, I had to get a little creative.  My idea?  Join the ranks of Love Rocks!  Love Rocks is an organization that encourages people to paint rocks and then leave them around their community for strangers to find.   Bet you aren’t jealous of my rocks… 🙂

17 thoughts on “literary magic

  1. I’ll bet that there are plenty of people jealous of your rocks 😉 More specifically, jealous of your ability to create a work of art, for that is what it is. And I wouldn’t criticize your use of words so quickly. I, for one, enjoy your use of them immensely, and I am sure other readers would agree 😉 By the way, I really liked the book you’re reading. I read it about a month ago receiving a 4 star rating on GoodReads from me. I’d be curious to see what you think of it.

  2. This was eye-opening for me. I absolutely LOVE your take on jealousy; I especially adored this line: “If jealousy motivates me to dream and work and strive, can it really be that bad?” Amazing. And no, it’s not bad! Thanks for changing my perspective.
    -Kaitlyn 🙂

  3. those are so pretty! i want some floral rocks in my life 🙂 and i agree, we all get jealous sometimes. i don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing unless it makes you feel bad about yourself!

  4. I am jealous of your rocks. Very pretty. My artistic talent is more in perfectly proportioned stick figures. 🙂

    That line in the book is beautiful. So people take words and turn them into magic. And I think you’re one of those people.

  5. Jealousy is just another emotion and we are all human. Besides, I have read a ton of books and had the very same thoughts…lol. By the way, I love your rock garden… 🙂

  6. You’re reading Tell The Wolves I’m Home? I’ve been wanting to read that book for awhile! How is it? That is a very beautiful quote, the first few pages were pulling me in, too. But I wasn’t able to buy it… I regret that now. I know I am a jealous person, with that knowledge I try to keep myself from doing things that would make me jealous. I guess that was the wrong thing to do, if I could have been inspired. What a beautiful way to think of that little green monster.

  7. Love the pretty flowers and you’re always so positive. I love that you turned things around like that for yourself and thought of another way to look at this trait of yours. 🙂

  8. Well I don’t think jealousy is such a bad thing if it motivates you toward good! C.S. Lewis is the writer who comes close to making me feel like a failure as a writer because his sentences are sometimes just so insanely perfect. But that’s only because he’s so good, and I just keep writing.
    I have a rock garden outside my house, with just one painted rock that says, “God is Good”. I painted it years ago when I was a teenager and now it just sits there, but I smile every time I spot it!

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