name in lights

NBC, ABC and Fox need to schedule a champagne lunch to chat about my 1, 2, 3, 4, (possibly more) ideas for a sitcom.  I have a couple ideas ready to go, all of them involve Anna Kendrick as a leading actress, and my daily activities ensure that the list keeps growing, growing, growing… (did you hear that E!?)
This weekend, for example, I taught a cooking class for Big Brothers/Big Sisters on how to make simple and healthy meals with as little as 5 ingredients.  Kids in The Kitchen provided a curriculum, and my job was simply to read and demonstrate the material.

Here is where the sitcom comes into play:  As I was teaching, I kept discovering new and interesting information, and I realized that I was learning just as much as my students.  So now I’m thinking it’d be funny to make a TV show where the teacher learns more than her students?  What do you think?
The sitcom concept came to me when I realized that there are only 5 food groups.  I read that fact out-loud and then had an enormous “WHAT?” moment.  Last time I checked there were definitely 6 food groups — did they combine fruits and veggies?  Is dairy no longer a category?  And then I realized the worst had happened: sugar has gone missing. Can you imagine?  How do we justify those chocolate chips and brownies and fro-yo?  Any ideas?
Do you have any ideas for a sitcom? Who would play *your* in the movie of your life?

19 thoughts on “name in lights

  1. I love your idea!! You are so cute, those kids are lucky to have you as a teacher! =) Hmmm, who would play me in my sitcom? I would hope Brenda Song would!! ❤ I think Anna Kendrick is perfect for you! She's awesome.

  2. I so often learn something when preparing a lesson – I love that one never stops learning new things 🙂 But, I agree…. where’s sugar?? I mean, chocolate could maybe fall into the fruits or beans section, combined with the milk…. but cookies??

  3. I can be dramatic at times….I’d have to say either Cate Blancett or Kate Winslet. I’d probably stand up and cheer after their performance of myself…acknowledging how well acted my life was😂😂🙋

  4. Although not formally a teacher, being a parent calls upon you to guide another through this mystery called life. And it is probably quite evident from my stories that the teacher is educated by the student, in this case, as often if not more so than the other way around 😉 It’s funny that the older we become and the more knowledge and experience we gain, we realize just how much we don’t know. And it’s actually quite liberating when I think about it, that we have so much of the world to discover and make sense of. I, for one, will probably never be labeled as bored 🙂

  5. Very fun!! I have heard great things about Kids in the Kitchen.

    And I think you’re on to something with that sitcom idea…. Anna Kendrick would be perfect to play you!!

    As for who would play me, I’d definitely want Natalie Portman. 🙂

  6. Ohhh, please make this idea happen!! This sounds like my new favorite sitcom–Anna Kendrick, the writings of Jennifer, and good laughs and learning!

  7. Ha! I love that sitcom idea 🙂 And that you taught this awesome cooking class 🙂 I totally love the way you live! Unfortunately, I don’t have any good sitcom ideas, which is kind of sad, especially since I watch so many!

  8. I would totally watch your sitcom!
    And I have to admit- I’m just as behind on what constitutes a food group now. Also- you know they did away with the food pyramid? Now it’s a plate, or something like that. Add in that Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore, and I really feel like my childhood was a lie.



  9. Can I go back in time and have you ask my teacher? Also, I would be your number 1 fan if you started a sitcom. I could guest star and help protest that sugar IS a food group. I got yo back! xx

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