milk and honey

Jon’s dad has told me the story of how he got engaged not once, not twice, but perhaps five or six times.  I know his wife took 24 hours to say yes and that he borrowed money from his brother for her ring.  
Lately, Jon keeps telling me that his softball team begins playing on Friday, April 25th — he reminded me last Monday, last Friday, and just before he fell asleep tonight.  His face lights up with 7 different kinds of joy each time he talks about his team’s inevitable victory.
I’ve never told Jon’s dad that I already know how he got engaged, and I never remind Jon that the softball information is on the calendar. Thing is, I like seeing their faces light up when they talk about something that gets them 7 kinds of excited.
You know what gets me excited?  Are the pictures giving it away?  Spring.  It’s probably not necessary to tell everyone that my favorite season has arrived, but I’m busying enjoying walks and bike-rides and blooming flowers and feeling the plain-old-goodness of 50 and sunny.
Do you have a story that never gets old?  Something that makes you smile every time you tell the tale?

19 thoughts on “milk and honey

  1. When people tell me the same story over and over, yet it’s a good one that makes them happy, I find it silly to stop them 🙂 And yes, spring!! The mention of bike rides makes me long to have a bike again!

  2. You can learn so much about a person by just lending an ear and listening. The stories shared tell so much about what is important to them, what brings passion to their lives. My box of stories that I enjoy telling is growing fuller every day, and I now will take a new interest in all those stories others tell over and over again, appreciating that joy on their face 😉 Happy Spring!

  3. My husband is really close to his dad. He doesn’t tell me stories about his childhood that often, but when he does, it’s usually him and his dad doing something silly, and he gets this smile that’s just so full of joy. I love hearing those stories, even if they’re few and far between. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard some of my grandpa’s stories countless times–he’s a born storyteller, and he enjoys it, so I treasure it when he gets into one of those moods where he can get the whole room mesmerized. Actually, there’s several storytellers in my family, my uncles and my Mom among them–I probably get my fondness for telling a story from them!

  5. I LOVE that light-up-face moment that comes with oft repeated favorite stories! I love watching my little niece and nephews’ faces when my sister tells them stories about when they were too young to remember–a mixture of wonder and delight. It’s probably exactly how my face looks with the approaching spring!

  6. Yes, I love it too when people tell stories they feel very excited about. The happiness and joy the story brings into their eyes, is contagious. They can tell me a hundred times, it will never bore.

    Sofie x

  7. Love that tree stump! I also enjoy hearing people’s favorite stories to tell over and over. I get excited right along with them! Sometimes, Ryan will end up telling me something new he did with computers about three times by the end of the day. Even though I have no idea what he’s talking about the first, second, or third time, I love watching him get totally amped up about his discoveries 🙂

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