mirror mirror

I hear perfect and think fulfillment.  When everything is just right, nothing needs to be added or taken away, and you can delight in the goodness of the present moment.  Does that mean a perfect present would be the perfect present? Hehe:)
But in all seriousness, I cover my ears and look at my toes whenever someone says that the best is yet to come.  It seems to me that we must learn to find joy in the ‘here and now’ if we expect to find it in the ‘there and later.’
If you’re sick or worried or anxious or overtired then you might be squinting and doubting and eager to disagree.  But life isn’t meant for all things to come together perfectly at any one time in our lives – we will always be struggling with this, that, or the other.  We will feel pain in the midst of our joy and we will find hope in our deepest struggle.

A heavy reflection for a casual Thursday, perhaps, but I toured Give More Than You Take with Kaitlyn, and the show provided a reminder of just how much our thinking influences our reality.
That mirror painting above?  The artist, Jim Hodges, explained the work, “There is a synchronicity: you start thinking about something and all of a sudden it’s everywhere.  It happened to me with the mirrors.”  In my experience, it’s true that our thoughts become our reality.
Despite hardship, we need to look at our lives and try to find happiness in every moment.  Look for small joys, practice gratitude, spread love, and try to make today, with all its pain and sorrow, the best you can.

17 thoughts on “mirror mirror

  1. It’s funny, I have heard the phrase “our thoughts become our reality” on so many different occasions. It has become so ubiquitous that I almost seem to dismiss it as cliché anymore. Something clicked, however, when I read this post. Like I was coming to an awareness of what it really means. And although I may be one of the last ones on the bus, I am happy to now be riding on it. Thank you ❤

  2. Jen, I absolutely ADORE this. 🙂 I completely agree with what you said about how our thoughts can really transform our life. It seems like such a simple concept, to always remain positive, but I think most people forget about that.
    -Kaitlyn 🙂

  3. So well said. Perfect does mean complete, and finished, and that nothing can be added. So while I’m looking for perfection, I also don’t want to find it, because then there’ll be nothing to add, the process will be over.

  4. I really think there is something to be said for just ENJOYING the stage of life that you are in currently. Rather than moaning about how much better life will be when xyz happens, find the beauty in today! Granted, it’s harder to maintain that perspective on some days. 🙂 But there is still beauty.

  5. So true- I love this concept. I think perfection is “being present,” as opposed to “when I’m perfect” as a future concept. Being present is, I think, a daily purposeful mindset that takes a lot of work but yields so many wonderful results 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  6. I have that same shirt in Orange! From Banana Republic… 🙂

    This post makes me think of the teachings of meditation and how most people view mediation as a place to go to, a place you must experience by closing out what is around you. Meditation is life. Spend every moment in the present where experience actually resides and that is true meditation!

  7. I’m happy to be back in a place with easily accessible wifi so I can read your blog again! 🙂 Such beautiful words and ideas. To live in the now and to hope for the future are both beautiful mindsets. To live and to hope. Sounds like a great place to be. 🙂

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