guilty pleasures

I hid it on the top shelf behind two dirty rags and a box marked ‘weights & stuff.’ Tonight, nothing was coming between me and Property Brothers.  Before long, however, my guilty conscious started screaming and I turned myself in: I stopped the treadmill and handed Jon the remote.

We’re that sickly-sweet couple that runs side-by-side on the treadmill and yells things like ‘race you’ and ‘keep going’ while offering up high-fives.  The gym routine is all cake-and-cream, but it becomes complicated when we’re sharing a TV screen.  
Jon wants to watch baseball or the news, and I want to watch Property Brothers or Top Chef.  Most times we debate back-and-forth until one of us gives in (I’ll let you shower first if …..) but Jon was late to the gym tonight and it occurred to me that we could skip the debate if the remote went missing….

Sweet Jon checked all the bikes and treadmills and stair-masters when he arrived at the gym.  Defeated, he told me that the remote was missing and we’d have to watch whatever was already on (Rehab Addict).  His whole search took about 10 seconds, but I felt guilty and told him to look on top of the bookcase behind the rags.  Jon grabbed the remote, smiled, and put on the Brewers vs. Pirates game.
Before he started running, Jon did Zoolander-type stretches that made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my treadmill.  No one else makes me laugh that way — the ‘lose control and grab your side and hope you don’t snort’ kinda way — and I realized that he could have the remote forever.  I like him that much.  

15 thoughts on “guilty pleasures

  1. Love it! Darrin makes me laugh in the same way. Yesterday, he came out of our office room dancing obnoxiously to Lorde. Wish I had my video camera ready. I was dying! Cheers to goofy husbands! 😉

  2. I can see Jon and I are both very lucky 😉 My wife is so understanding for my love of baseball, almost encouraging me to put the game on even though she doesn’t have the slightest interest, other that seeing me happy. She truly is an inspiration in the way she lives.

    Thanks for sharing such a special little moment in your lives. It brought a smile to my face for may reasons 😉

  3. You’re much nicer than me! I made Will watch Junk Gypsies yesterday for HOURS. But he was also supposed to be doing homework, so he wasn’t supposed to need the remote!

    I’m happy to see we like the same type of shows. If you ever move to KC, I’m sure we could hang out for hours painting furniture and watching HGTV for inspiration! 🙂

  4. Aawwww, so cute. Love those simple moments that just stand out 🙂 I could totally see this happening between my husband and I!

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