see through a filter of sun

Art, poetry, & flowers, and the greatest of all these is… well, trick question, can’t decide, all are my favorites.  If you frequent this blog, you probably already know that I’m grateful for many things on this earth that spins right round.  Today, for instance, I found myself feeling thankful for the soulful and spirited poetry of Blythe Baird.
A couple of her poems really inspired me (such as theories about the universe), but i found myself wanting to read and re-read you are a force of nature.  To make the poem available for my reading pleasure come morning, afternoon and evening, I transferred my favorite lines onto a flower pot.  Fitting for a girl who loves poetry, flowers and art, right?

18 thoughts on “see through a filter of sun

  1. Your true creative spirit shines through by incorporating all three in one endeavor. Finely crafted words are food for the soul. And who knows, it is said that talking to plants helps them to grow. Maybe etching poetry on its container helps even more 😉

  2. I actually come here for inspiration (as often as I am able!) I saw an inspirational question written on a page at Starbucks for public reply and thought of you. Beautiful DIY by the way!

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