for the record

Have you ever told a stranger that you loved them?  No?  Okay, that’s normal – good for you.  But guess what?  I went to the airport Friday, and when I bought a magazine and Raisinets for the plane, the cashier turned to me and said, “I love you sweetheart.”  I was stunned, of course, and I wondered why this stranger felt the need to profess her love.  Thinking quickly, I figured it might be cultural (‘i love you’ instead of ‘thank you’ or ‘have a nice day’) and so I simply said, ‘i love you too’ (didn’t want to be rude).  As the words left my mouth I realized the woman had actually said, “i love your sweater.”  Oops.  Time to board my plane.
Consciously cultivate silly and laugh through the awkwardness.  Not the advice most people offering during heart-to-hearts and other moments-of-import, but the simple prescription almost guarantees laughter and good times.  Our anniversary trip to Chicago (to attend a friend’s wedding) began with an awkward moment for the books, but the silly moments and big, big laughter lasted all weekend.
Round-trip flights from Chicago to Minneapolis are $75 on Spirit Airlines.  A great deal, right?  But did you know it costs $100 to bring a carry-on bag?  It’s hard to justify the relative cost of a bag when you’re excited about visiting friends for under $100.  And so, dear friends, we didn’t bring any carry-on luggage for the weekend.  Jon wore his suit on the plane, I stuffed everything I needed into a tiny purse, and we arrived wrinkled and underprepared for the weekend of endless rain.  My one outfit was drenched and soaked right after landing.  We bought clothes after the flight, and I returned with my new shirts tucked inside my jacket.  Classy,  right?
How was your weekend?

24 thoughts on “for the record

  1. Congratulations to you two, it certainly feels as though yours is a match made in heaven every time I read your words.

    I must say that I laughed uncontrollably when I read about your experience in the airport. I wonder why it is though that we are so apprehensive about uttering those words to a stranger. I suppose it is a somewhat intimate thought reserved for those closest to us. But, I suppose we show others how we feel about them, acquaintances and strangers alike, on a daily basis by the way we treat them.

    What a great post, I would make sure that you make a hard copy of this one and store it away to look at together in ten or twenty years. Congratulations again and best wishes for many more years of laughter, good times, and yes, silly moments 😉

  2. I love this! What another fun memory to add to your list! And happy anniversary to you both! Marriage is one rockin’ union, and I love the lists that you came up with. I’ll have to do that with my hubby when our anniversary rolls around in July!

    Also, your moment at the airport? FABULOUS. Maybe the world needs a little more “I love you”s! 🙂

  3. ha, that made me laugh!!! $100 seriously?? That should be illegal. Sweet pictures – glad you had a great time celebrating. I’m not sure how you did that graphic above, but how cute is that! Fun to read everything about the first year 🙂

  4. First of all, hilarious about the “I love you” story! That would definitely happen to me! But it’s sweet in a way too. 🙂

    Also, $100 for a carry on is crazy! I love how you guys found creative ways around that! And that you had such a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  5. Your moment at the airport is FUNNY! 🙂 Maybe the lady reads your blog 😉 Here in Europe airlines make stupid excuses to tally up the price higher and higher. And yes, baggage is definitely one of them. Your fix was not only stylish but warm I suppose! 😉

  6. Happy anniversary!!! I love that card thingamajig that you made with the details of your first year together, it’s such a great idea! As for being underprepared for the weekend, at least you got some new shirts out of it 😀

  7. I love this! My first wedding anniversary is this upcoming weekend, so you know I’m all about the May anniversaries!! The airport story is awesome! I bet you made her day by sharing the love. 🙂 And I love that you made it work without a checked bag. What an adventure!

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!
    1. Your airport story is hilarious. Those kind of stories are too good not to tell.
    2. I love that little “infographic” or whatever the name actually is about your first year of marriage–it’s so good to record things like that, I wish I had a little page of stats from each year of our marriage, but I highly doubt I could remember everything by now!
    3. I try to avoid paying for extra luggage, too. Is it kind of ridiculous that I’m trying to limit our suitcases as much as possible when we move this summer just because I don’t want to pay for extra luggage or drag it around?

  9. Chicago is such a great city. Hilarious story about the mistaken ‘I love you.’ Also, I love the little ‘infographic’ about your first year of marriage. Very sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!

  10. What great stories for your anniversary weekend! Definitely things you can laugh about later! 🙂 and I love that infographic for your first year 🙂

  11. Happy anniversary! I’m loving the year recap of your favorite shows, movies, etc. That’s really fun! The story about the store clerk saying I love you made me seriously laugh out loud. I love that you shared that. I needed a laugh. But how sweet of you for saying you loved her! Sweet.

  12. This sounds like SUCH an adventure, I LOVE that you didn’t bring much of anything with you!! I also died at the story about the sweater and saying I love you. HAHA!

  13. a fun story to tell! i bet the bride+groom loved the commitment! im that awkward person who says way-to-personal things or hugs people when theres just an inkling of a connection. after our food tour the other day, (of course the wine didn’t help) i was telling our guide bye and before i could stop myself, i was hugging him. thankfully my husband is just used to the awkward! heh

  14. I love your posts. I have totally had an awkward moment like the one with the cashier. Haha. All you can do is laugh. I love your infograph you made…so sweet. And we like all the same tv shows….except I never quite got into Dexter.

  15. Aw this post is too sweet and I love all the little stories, from “I love you” in the airport to your love infographic to getting caught in the rain with no extra clothes!

  16. I could never pay $100 to bring just a carry on!! You crack me up but I’d do the same.

    Also your infographic is the sweetest thing ever. What a great way to document the year!

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