such sweet goodness

My heart is so full!  I usually try to write what’s on my mind, but I’m too excited about these photographs to compose a paragraph or five. Can I share my anniversary photos with you?  Is it okay if I just let the pictures do the talking?
Jon’s parents froze our wedding cake to be enjoyed on our first anniversary.  My parents knew we were planning to celebrate with a champagne picnic, and they sent “Mr & Mrs” flutes for the occasion.  How lucky are we?ImageImage
Britta at Sage Photography took photographs of our celebration, and I could not be more grateful.  Isn’t she an amazing photographer?  The love captured in these images gives you a glimpse into Britta’s great big heart.  Image
Friends and readers know that my first year of marriage was filled with laughter, adventure, friendship, health scares, and loads of love.  I’m grateful for the memories of our first year, and I’m excited to go through what comes next (taking the happy with the sad and the good times with the hard) as we enter our second year of marriage.Image

22 thoughts on “such sweet goodness

  1. So so SO sweet! What a gorgeous bunch of photos!! They all need to be framed and hung in every room of your apartment! 🙂
    What a rockin’ celebration, right?! Marriage is the best, and you two wear it well. Blessings upon blessings on your second year!

  2. Britta is very talented indeed! There is so much captured within these photos. To say that a picture is worth a thousands words does not do these justice. It’s funny, we did the same thing with the top layer of our wedding cake for our first anniversary. And although it didn’t quite taste the same, it was quite special 😉

    You know, we made a decision about the photographer we used on our wedding day. We decided that we didn’t want the posed photos, bride with family, husband with family, bride with husband, yada, yada, yada.

    Instead, we hired a photographer that followed us around for the entire day and captured impromptu moments, moments that when stitched together tell a story of our day, a story that can be retold again and again with vivid clarity anytime we crack open our album. In fact, the cover of our wedding album reads “Our love story”.

    I say this because this exactly how I feel about these photos you shared with us. They tell a beautiful story, one that you will be able to share together and with your family for years and years to come. It just makes me smile when we are able to capture these moments so perfectly 🙂

    Congratulations to you both and best wishes for many, many more years of blissful marriage 😉

  3. HOW SWEET!!! What beautiful, wonderful photos that you’ll be able to cherish forever 🙂 I hope that my first anniversary (coming up!) is as charming as yours is.

  4. What gorgeous photos! That’s one thing you can never have too many of- I love how you document all the beauty in your life. So very inspiring.

    Congratulations on one year! Cherish it and so many more 🙂

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