beautiful leprechaun

Seventy and sunny feels like opening the mailbox to find ‘just-because’ and ‘thinking of you’ gifts waiting to be opened.  I just opened all the windows in the apartment, and I may be typing with my fingers, but my mind is planning a day of exploration and adventure with two of my favorite girls.  
It doesn’t take much more than sunshine to get me excited about an otherwise ordinary day.  How’s that for easy to please, huh? It’s not that the other seasons don’t have their charms, because they do, but there’s something about putting the top down and blasting music and knowing that you can go go go go and not worry about rain or snow or catching a chill.  If we get too hot, well, it’s a good thing Minnesota is ‘The Land of 10,000 Lakes,’ right?  Pull over, grab a bikini and jump in the water.  No problems here.
We had our first BBQ of summer last night, and I painted my nails bright teal for the occasion.  I was feeling pretty stylish until Jon walked in the door and told me I looked like a leprechaun.  A leprechaun?  Is it common for men to describe their wives that way?  I questioned Jon about his word choice and he quickly corrected, “you’re a very beautiful leprechaun sweetheart.”  

10 thoughts on “beautiful leprechaun

  1. I suppose I could say, “Nice save Jon”, but the more I think about it, he may be on to something 😉 Leprechauns are known to be always getting into mischief. With your rah, rah projects, yours just happens to be of the inspiring variety.

    I remember those days when spring breaks through, where fifty degree weather feels like eighty five, and the only debate among friends is not if we will road trip, but rather where we will end up.

    Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

  2. It is also the land of 10 million mosquitoes. A few summers ago I spent my summer working at Camp Friendship in Annandale, MN and we were right on a lake, but didn’t have much time to actually spend in it. I’ve never had so many mosquito bites in my life.

    Boys don’t always understand our love for turquoise/teal colors, do they?

  3. The sun just has such a way of brightening a mood! Haha, guys say the darndest things! I am always in support of teal nail polish, especially for such a special occasion 🙂

  4. Well of course you would be a beautiful leprechaun! Pretty much all it takes is sunshine and weather where I don’t have to wear a coat to make me happy, too!

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