walk with me

Do you ever have literary déjà vu?  No?  Of course not, because it’s my own invention, but let me explain: literary déjà vu is when something feels eerily familiar because you’ve experienced it so many times in books.
I had an attack of the literary déjà vu attack while attending bible study at the Maplewood Nature Center with two rockin’ awesome gals.  We walked around the lake, took pictures of baby ducklings, read the Good Word, and then, just as we were heading home, I got some pretty awesome news.

You know that moment in a book when everything suddenly comes together?  The moment I’m talking about proceeds weeks and possibly months or years of endless worrying about this, that and/or the other.
Literary worry springs up while a main characters is running on the treadmill, writing a term paper, or boiling water — then — all of a sudden — the character wonders: Am I doing the right thing? What if this is a disastrous idea?  Will everything work out?
Most books have a happy ending, and so the worrying usually ceases toward the end of the novel.  Life isn’t always like fiction though, so when we get one of those big breaks, it’s time for celebration, praise and lots & lots & lots of counting our blessings. And that bit about celebrating?  I took that step pretty seriously when I got home:
Lots of awesome signs in a tiny apartment, but when it’s time to celebrate, I go big.  I also made some treats to sweeten up the occasion:
You know who didn’t have a lucky day?  The little one below — she spent a good 20 minutes begging for some chocolate covered pretzels and didn’t get so much as a single treat.  Maybe today will be different?
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend 🙂

10 thoughts on “walk with me

  1. It looks like that sunshine from a few days ago arrived in both a literal and a figurative sense 😉 Your pictures always do so well to tell a story and convey emotions, thank you for sharing. Now, please, give that poor little guy a treat. How could you say no to a face like that? 🙂 Have an awesome weekend yourself!

  2. I want to do nice things like this around my apartment someday! You always put so much effort into these things. And why am I the only one nosey about what this good news is? Or did you say and I missed it? 🙂

  3. I love the signs all over the place… so fun and festive!! Plus, that looks like such a great place for a Bible study – surrounded by God’s creations, we see how cool He is 🙂
    What was the good news though??? I’m curious!!!

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