nothing fancy, just love.

♫Kiss a little longer, make it last a little longer….♫  You know that song, right?  It’s almost as memorable as the ♫double your pleasure, double your fun….♫  Jon and I got to remembering gum-jams of the past, and it made me wish current commercials had half the pizzazz of jingle jams from the 80’s.
Why were we thinking about gum from the 80s?  Good question, right?  Well, I spent the day sewing new shorts (see above), and when Jon came home, he said I looked like a pink tiger.  The only pink tiger I know is on the package of Fruit Stripe Gum (circa the 80’s) and so the memories began flooding in.  
Weekend storms kept us curled in the apartment, and so my crafting continued into the afternoon.  This time, however, I put away my sewing machine and decided to make something for the home.  My idea?  Use chalk paint to re-design a Goodwill frame into something that would match my decor.  ImageImage
A bit of sunlight came with the evening, and so we ended the day with a walk around Lake Harriet.  Despite looking like a pink tiger, I wore the new shorts.  
We’ve been searching high-and-low for potential homes, and our first-time-homebuyer excitement has both our IPhones loaded up with realty apps.  Why am I sharing this?  Well, well, well — it makes an evening walk much more exciting when you can see inside of the homes you fancy:
Hope ya’ll had a good weekend 🙂

19 thoughts on “nothing fancy, just love.

  1. You made those shorts!? They are great! I wish I could sew half as well as you! When I am finished renovating my apartment and I have more time on my hands I hope to brush up on my sewing skills.

  2. There was quite a bit of crafting and sewing involved in my weekend, too. I love being able to come to the end of the day and discover that I made some new thing (or things)!

  3. First of all, your shorts are rockin. Such a fun pattern!! Second, I definitely downloaded a few home apps over the weekend and I love them! Some of those homes around Lake Harriet are beautiful! Great minds think alike, girly. 😉

  4. Pardon the tangent, but given your last several posts, I just got an image of a leprechaun wearing pink striped shorts. Might make a good movie character, who knows? 😉

    Funny thing is that I didn’t read the first few lines of your post, I sang them in my head. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 😉

  5. You look gorgeous! Nothing pink tiger-ish at all (but then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that gum commercial!). Good luck with the house hunting lovely. I had no idea that realty apps existed so you’ve taught me something in preparation for when Aaron and I head in the same direction… hope you find something beyond your most beautiful expectations xxx

  6. House hunting is so fun and Minneapolis has some great ones! You should look in the Nokomis/Hale area…we love it here!! PS, I love those shorts…you are such a talent!

  7. Ok – your shorts – way too cute! Look how crafty you are! The only thing I ever sew is baby burp rags and ‘taggies’!!!! We used an app ALL the time when looking for houses – so much easier, huh?!!! Happy house hunting!

  8. Love your little craft! 🙂 Will and I have been taking walks and we walk around the wealthy area dreaming about what we want in a house when we buy one someday. I’m sure it’s much more fun for you guys since you’re currently shopping! 🙂

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