hey stranger hey

The little phrase ‘take some love and pass it around’ has been floating around in my mind all day.  Perhaps it’s because I find books and love interchangeable?
Thing is, Alessandra Rissotti, Community Director at GOOD, contacted me about recreating my ‘something for nothing’ book project from 2013.  58 GOOD readers participated last summer, and we’re hoping that even more people will get involved for the 2014 project.
Last summer, I left my book collection next to a sign that read “something for nothing: take a book.”  This year, I made individual bookmarks that invite strangers to take, read, and share a novel.
The project is simple and sneaky: take your favorite reads out of storage, dust them off, place a bookmark inside, and leave them around town.
A happy surprise for a summer day, right?
Here’s to hoping someone returns the favor.
If you want to get involved, print out your own bookmarks here

24 thoughts on “hey stranger hey

  1. Would I be considered a hoarder if I find it impossibly difficult to separate myself from my collection of books? 😉 Regardless, this is a wonderful idea and I can see that some of our taste in books is quite similar. There is nothing quite like reading a good book and then sharing it with another, huh?

    In a somewhat anonymous ploy, it would be cool if you could rent out a P.O. Box and request the recipient of the book to write what they liked best about the book and have them mail it to the P.O. Box when they were finished 😉

  2. While I think this idea is absolutely delightful, it kind of gives me anxiety! What if no one picks up your beloved book? I admire your ability to give them away. I am not good at that, unless I didn’t like the book. And in that case, I wouldn’t want to share it. On the other hand, I would LOVE to come across a free book! How inviting.

  3. What a sweet idea! The bookmarks are adorable- I’d just have such a hard time parting with my books! Maybe a trip to the used book store is in order first to pick up a second copy of some favourites 🙂

  4. What a beautiful way to share your favorite books with strangers! These stories are now connecting people all around you – so happy that you share these projects (especially because you inspire others to follow suit.) xo

  5. Oh my gosh it’d be awesome to stumble upon a book like this! What a smart and generous idea. As for The Happiness Project, I read it earlier this year and found it so inspiring! I’ll probably pick up a paper copy to thumb through as well (I find it more satisfying than just the ecopy).

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