gimme the keys

I dreamt I was an amazing painter.  Last night, circa 12am, I threw paint on the canvas and things beyond my imagination (and much, much beyond my skill level) appeared: blooming flowers, bursting sunrises, and close friends.  When the painting was finished, I flew (wings and all) to a vineyard in Tuscany for some vino with my sister, Caitlin.  A pretty awesome dream, right?
The funny thing is how dream-like things kept occurring throughout the day.  Jon and I visited the Artisan Parade of Homes, and we pretended to be the Mr. & Mrs. of some of Minneapolis’s finest addresses.  We probably won’t be purchasing any of *those* homes, but we did get business cards from a couple architecture firms 🙂
Last but definitely not least, I made some blackberry cream cheese bites worthy of Top Chef.  I’ve never claimed to be a master in the kitchen, but the sweet treats have me feeling pretty excited about my kitchen skills.

If you’re feeling lazy but need a recipe to impress the masses, try this: put blackberry jam and cream-cheese inside a pillsbury crescent, wrap it up, bake inside a mini muffin tin, and then top with a blackberry.  Voilà!

19 thoughts on “gimme the keys

  1. That dream does sound pretty awesome 😉 I sometimes have awesome singing dreams, and sadly, they don’t translate to real life haha. And touring gigantic houses is always fun!

  2. So fun! My mom is a contractor and designer and has a few model homes in the Parade! I LOVE dreaming about future homes! So much creative opportunity and hopeful potential! 🙂 Also, your simple recipe is right up my alley!!

  3. Love, love, love blackberries! Did I mention I really like blackberries? 😉 We had the most amazing blackberry cobbler at a restaurant on the summit of Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina last summer. Ahh, the memories …

    I find the subject of your post very familiar today. With my son away from home for the entire week at summer camp, both my wife and I find ourselves, for the first time in our lives, without the ability to communicate with him for a whole seven days, at least in verbal form.

    I used to come up with these stories, often comical in nature that I would tell to my son while on camping trips. Well, with a wonderful suggestion by my wife, I have been piecing together a five part story for him while he is away, my own unique way of remaining in touch with him. He receives our messages each day via e-mail while at camp.

    I bring this up because your subject today resonates with me. Each morning, I sit down with a vague idea of where I want the story to go next. And then, without warning, things I wasn’t thinking about materialize in my head and find their way on to the page. Certainly not Pulitzer prize winning material, but still beyond what I usually come up with. It reminds me that creativity begets creativity.

    “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ~Maya Angelou

    I guess the title of your post is a little bit off from my perspective. We already have the keys in our pocket. We just need to decide to take them out and use them 😉

  4. Those blackberry cream cheese bites look great. I’m much better at cooking than I am at baking or making yummy treats; however, this recipe seems pretty straightfoward so I may have to try it 🙂

  5. Ah yes, I remember going to those homes too when we were in the market. Of course, we could never afford those huge homes, but fun to dream!! Boy do those bites look so yummy, I just love blackberries!!

  6. That’s a pretty cool dream….my last dream was that I had to drive a stick shift car and I didn’t know how (that’s true, in real life I don’t know how!) Angel and I just love driving by the nice neighborhoods and looking at the outsides of all the houses…I bet the insides look pretty incredible, too! I need to make some friends who have a cool house. 😛

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