that good easy feeling

“She’s an amazing cook, sure, but the incredible thing is how she does everything with such ease.”  A lovely compliment, right?  I listened to a close friend, Anna, describe how a mutual friend, Shannon, handles herself in the kitchen, and I was inspired by how Anna managed to applaud not only Shannon’s product (the meal), but also her process (cooking style).
How often do we look beyond what was created to recognize how it was made?  It’s wonderful and humbling to find something worthy of recognition, but it’s even more awe-inspiring see something endowed with grace and ease.
Would placing emphasis on process make us more accepting of things that deviate from the norm?  Would we, for instance, applaud something that ultimately fails, but was attempted with  love and care?  Think of a mother burning the family dinner or a father building a bookshelf that leans to the right.
I don’t have pictures of Shannon working her magic in the kitchen, so you’ll have to settle for these images of the Brewers beating the Twins.   What I can offer you,  however, are printable  ‘best thing about you” cards.  These cards have nothing to do with valuing process over product (and nothing at all to do with baseball), but I’m sharing all the same 🙂
I hid mine around the apartment in places that Jon frequents, but you can (obviously) use them however you wish.
Download your own cards by clicking here.

23 thoughts on “that good easy feeling

  1. Love this! Such a great reminder to think how the work people do rather than consistently focusing on the “things” they create. Both are important, but the individual is MOST important! And what a great night for a game! You look darling! 🙂

    • …because I’m really great at typing…I meant to write that this post is a great reminder to “think about the work people do rather than….”….insert face palm here. 😉

  2. The cards are so cute! And I love your thinking on product vs process. It’s a great reminder to look beyond the end result, and value the person and their efforts more than what they create 🙂

  3. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner 😉 We do tend to look back at the fruits of our labor more often than we look at the process us we took to get there. This is a really novel and interesting insight in to the concept of journey versus destination.

    Sorry the Twins lost, but I am sure the little notes you have floating around the apartment will more than make up for it. Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I just spent half of my kids’ nap time reading your blog and liking all of the posts I have been needing to catch up on over the past few weeks. Every time I read your blog I feel more peaceful and happy. Thank you for sharing such lovey moments and sweet thoughts with us 🙂

  5. Such a sweet and loving gift. I would love to find one of these, as well! I was just wondering, how do you put such pretty fonts on you’re pictures? Do you use a type of photoshop?

    • oh gosh, i use lots and loads of different things – i usually look for fonts at, and then i upload them to photoshop. i also look for fonts at creative market,, and etsy 🙂 let me know if you have questions installing or using anything – happy to help!

  6. This is so cute! I remember taking part in “the happy challenge” placing notes in random places in public in order to brighten up random peoples day – so amazing!

  7. I think the process definitely matters! To think about the other side of it–imagine an exquisite, elaborate meal prepared with no grace or love given in the process–even if the end result is technically “perfect”–the amount of joy it bring anyone will be negligible.

  8. I used to think about this a lot as an unpaid intern. How people throw away the flyers and what not that I spent hours of unpaid time creating and how no one thinks of the person who created these things or the time and effort put into them. I think we’d all be a lot more appreciative and forgiving when necessary if we did consider the process!

  9. Those cards are adorable! The beauty really is in the process- the best example I can think of is with renovations. When we were house hunting, there were so many homes that had been ‘renovated’ to look nice, but the guts and the hidden stuff was in shambles. But there were the awesome ones where the stuff was renovated with such care- no hidden messes. Much better.

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