dose of hope

Creativity, chaos, and a messy bowl of cheesecake.  An interesting trio brought together by a steady steam of failures.  Did you read my post about The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  If so, be warned that today was nothing like that.  Sure I attempted and failed at two (count um’ up!) new things, but I really didn’t mind when everything went bust.Image
I recently started a ‘doodle a day’ project, and I wanted my first design to incorporate the words ‘some,’ ‘more,’ and ‘summer.’  After an hour of doodling, I stepped back and realized the words were out of order (it said something like ‘sum more som mer’.)  Oops.  I ditched my doodle and made all the graphics in this post.Image
A short while later,  I decided to attempt one of the many popsicle recipes trending on Pinterest.  My selection?  Strawberry cheesecake pops.  Bad choice: the pops froze over like Minneapolis in February, and getting to the creamy goodness was impossible (frozen cream cheese is not delicious).  Still craving sugar, I decided to use all the ingredients to make actual cheesecake.  The end result?  The only non-fail (actually an absolute win) of the day:Image
The recipe was Top Chef worthy, and it also turned me into an abstract artist.  See the colorful swirls of berries?  That’s what I call food art.  
The drawings and the popsicles were unsuccessful, but the word “great” came to mind when my sister asked about my day. Thing is, I enjoy creating things (all things, really), and a failed product doesn’t ruin the joy of the effort.  
Have you heard that saying “time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted” ?  That’s kind of how I felt about today.  And, in retrospect, the failures inspired projects that succeeded, so perhaps the missteps were part of the process?  

17 thoughts on “dose of hope

  1. Such a great story! I’ve had many Pinterest recipe failures….but those bars look amazing! So much of life is all about your attitude. Keeping positive in the midst of failure is a great attitude to have! 🙂

  2. It is so entirely cliché, but I have noticed so many times that most of the joy I get from doing something is not from what comes out at the end, but rather, what goes into the beginning, the attitude to let things fall where they may and enjoy it regardless. You’re definitely on to something there. And to be quite honest, I like the “Some summer more” variety. It’s a nice little piece of alliteration that rolls off the tongue and adds a unique twist to the message 😉

  3. Kitchen fails make me very upset, unfortunately. I am not easily able to go with the flow when it comes to cooking. I’m working on it. But I’m proud of you for making something delicious of your failure! You’re always such an inspiration. (P.S. I love getting emails of new blog posts! It’s fun to just click and read a post in my inbox, but that means sometimes I get lazy about popping over to comment. Just know I’m reading!)

  4. I so admire you for your attitude. It can be difficult for me to remember at the end of a day that time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted–but what a wonderful quote and reminder to me! I love that you turned your “failures” into successes, and enjoyed doing it all no matter what 🙂

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