dream forward

Growing up, my grandma was the sidekick to my grandpa’s comedic genius.  Grandpa delivered jokes like a court jester, and afternoons together meant lots of laughter and bursts of mischief.
I cringed when my grandma served green beans, but my grandpa saved-the-day by shoveling all my veggies onto his plate whenever she turned away.  Still hungry after dinner, the dessert worked in reverse, and the brownies trekked from grandpa’s plate to mine without anyone discovering our secret.
Grandma’s funny, yes, but she’s usually described as kind, creative, and welcoming.  My grandpa passed away a few years ago, and, shortly after, she joined the comedy troop at her retirement center.  The original sidekick now spends weeknights preparing jokes for the annual laugh festival.
Sweet grandma surprised the entire family by revealing her comedic genius.  It took nearly 80 years to embrace her funny, but now it seems like a natural part of her personality.  Which, of course, makes me curious about the my own future: Will I embrace new talents in 50 years? Discover new passions after retirement?
My mom recently told me that she, “met a kindred spirit and can’t believe it took this long to find her.”  Momma just cleared 50, and the the number of girls at her weekly “BFF Brunch” just keeps growing.  According to her, “there’s always room for another friend at the breakfast table.”
So mom’s making best friends and grandma’s making people laugh.  Good new on both fronts, but more than mere statements, their activities make me eager to dream forward.
Marina Keegan distinguished ‘dreaming forward’ as focusing on future opportunities and ‘dreaming backward’ as reflecting on lost opportunities.  In other words, don’t fret about the past, but set your sights on the goodness still to come.  If you like the ‘be the reason someone smiles’ graphic, check out Rhonna Designs 🙂

23 thoughts on “dream forward

  1. It gave me chills that you quoted my classmate (from Wayland High) Marina’s words. Her death was such a tragedy and yet I find her words still living on here on your blog. Your grandmother, mother and you all inspire me to live a fuller life – be more present and dream forward! xo

  2. Just when we think that we have found ourselves, something new unfolds to show us that we are always changing and growing. It’s realizing we don’t know what we don’t know that allows us to keep our eyes and hearts open to an infinite number of possibilities. Dream forward, I love it! 🙂

  3. ❤ Love ❤ You have some excellent, strong female role models in your family. Both your mom and your grandmother are inspirations. It is excited to think about all the friends to meet and the hobbies to discover. The flower photos are gorgeous.

  4. This post hit me RIGHT in the spot today. My brother got married this weekend, and I’ve been SO DANG EMOTIONAL about it. I pretty much cried the entire drive home yesterday. This is the first wedding in my immediate family (besides mine, obviously), and it’s just a lot of change, I think. Good change, but still change. Anyway, I need to remember about all the good times still to come instead of being all nostalgic and weepy about how fast time has gone and that fact that my little brother is now a husband! I better sign off before I start tearing up again.

  5. I loved reading your stories about your grandparents! That’s just really cool–I have no idea where or who I’ll be in another couple decades…but I’m going to try and make sure it’s someone awesome…

  6. What a sweet story! I loved reading it. And I am inspired by your mom and grandma. I am naturally a forward dreamer, so much so that I can get too caught up in the future. But I do think it is wonderful to think of all the good things in life that we have yet to experience. It makes life so exciting!

  7. Oh, this is so amazing! And your grandparents’ photo? Too adorable for words. I hope that I keep dreaming, no matter how old I get 🙂 My grandma (now pushing 90) told me last year that she still feels like she’s 16. And her curious spirit and constant thirst to learn new things totally proves it!

  8. This is such a sweet post! That is awesome that your grandmother + mom are both discovering new talents + interests… it makes me curious what I’ll learn about myself in 30 years. And I love the idea of dreaming forward… that’s very inspirational 🙂

  9. This is such a wonderful perspective to have. So often we can get caught up in past regret that we can rarely change. I need to start living more for the future and focusing on the goodness of now 🙂

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