make it last

I once worried that creativity was like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s – once you used it all up, it was gone.  More and more, however, I’m realizing that creativity begets creativity.
Sometimes I’ll a write short story and realize the supporting character would be the perfect protagonist in an entirely new work.  Other times I’ll edit a photograph and want to make a graphic capturing the emotion in the image.  Have you ever had a similar experience?
An old version of myself saved ideas until the moment was precisely right.  Now, instead of ‘saving the best for the future,’ I’m using ideas as quickly as possible.
Can you think of anything else we consume as quickly as possible?  Writing that sentence made me think how we generally try to ‘make things last.’  I suppose we use things before they expire, but when do we use things quickly simply for the sake of doing so?
I’ve been going for walks every morning because I like letting the sun dry my hair.  A simple pleasure, perhaps, but my wet hair turns to icicles if I go outside in winter (thank you, Minneapolis).
Yesterday’s walk had me wanting summery plates to for summer picnics.  My thoughts got spinning: should I paint something? Draw? Stencil?  And then, the idea came to me: I would mod podge clear plates with printed napkins.  What do you think of the result?


27 thoughts on “make it last

  1. First of all, LOVE the plates! And these pictures. Morning walks through the city can be so peaceful…just what you need to start the day!
    Second, I love how creativity builds on creativity. How awesome to live in a world that is bursting with possibility and creative design! Love it. Thanks for the great reminder today, girly! 🙂

  2. WHOA those plates!! I LOVE! I would have never thought about something like that, you are creative beyond words, I love the idea of the sun drying my hair, it sounds so magical.

  3. Mmm, I don’t know what is more enticing, creativity begetting creativity, or the analogy you used that made me think about a bottomless pint of Ben & Jerry’s 😉

    I agree with your insightful thoughts about always saving stuff for later, only to have that idea or thought collect metaphorical dust sitting on the shelf. When the fancy strikes you just right, capture it to be sure.

    Sometimes, however, especially in the area of writing, I may compose something that just doesn’t sit right, yet. But, when I give it time to mature and ripen in the sunshine of my everyday experiences, it takes on a new and more meaningful life of its own.

    Either way, intuition is key for me. I get poked from the inside by my subconscious. And it’s then that I know it’s time to act. Great post, beautiful works of art too (the words and the plates) 😉

  4. I am in love with your reference to Ben & Jerry’s. I have certainly had those moments where I need to act on a creative idea immediately because I’m afraid of losing it. Creativity begets creativity! What a great way of putting it!

  5. You are probably one of the most creative people I know – you’re always making something new. I wish I made being creative more of a priority!

  6. I love the plates! I guess that’s true about most things in life. The more you do something, the more you want to do it, whether that be a bad habit or a good one! 🙂

  7. I’ve definitely had an idea of “saving” things and making them last. I used to do that alot with clothes I really loved, I’d try to only save them for special occasions so that they would last. Then I decided it was silly to spend most of my life wearing “boring” clothes so now I wear clothes I love as often as it makes sense. (Although if I’m really getting muddy I’m still not going to wear my favorites!)

  8. Those plates are gorgeous! You should post a tutorial, just saying 😉 And I totally know what you mean about creativity inspiring more creativity…I would do the exact same thing when I’d write short stories and “novels”. It’s so much fun to just let creativity build.

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