something for nothing

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Tip more than you should. Be kinder than necessary. Remember what matters most. Simple truisms for good living, but lately I’ve been caught up on the “it’s what’s inside that matters most.” It applies 100% if we’re talking about people (The Little Prince says, “Beauty cannot be seen with the eyes — it must be felt with the heart,” and I couldn’t agree more) but what about when we’re talking about cream-filled cupcakes, books, gifts, and/or buildings?
I mean, doesn’t the outside count at least a little bit? I don’t like cream-filling, I know I won’t like a book about bondage or vampires, pretty wrapping paper always helps, and good architecture makes me soon. So there. I feel a little guilty about this confession but it’s true: sometimes the outside really does matter.
We’re visiting my family in Washington DC for the Fourth of July, and Jon’s parents are watching Kinzie for the week.  I wanted to thank them with something festive and sweet, and so I made firecracker rice krispy treats.  My own invention, simply dip rice krispies into white chocolate and cover with sprinkles.  A gift is even sweeter when you get to enjoy some of it, and so Jon and I snuck one (err 4) before giving the batch away.  I definitely recommend making these for others (errr yourself).
Speaking of making something for yourself — I found vintage spice tins at an antique market, and I decided to make them into magnets.  A super easy project with three steps: 1) paint the tin 2) decorate with stickers 3) add a magnet.  Voilà!
We’re flying out tomorrow, and it will be the first time Jon and I have seen fireworks together.  Can you believe that?  Every other year we’ve gone to his parents cabin where the fireworks are whatever we light-off the dock 🙂

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15 thoughts on “something for nothing

  1. I think of all those chocolates sitting in the box from Valentine’s day. Each one looking exactly the same, and yet the variety and surprises held within each one is so alluring. Yep, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the outside matters, but the sweetness on the inside is so much more interesting. Have an awesome holiday with Jon and the family, and enjoy the fireworks! 🙂

  2. Hope that you have a wonderful 4th July Jen and Jon! The rice krispy treats look gorgeous… love the firecracker sprinkle/chocolate dip 🙂 And yes, I completely know what you mean about the complexity of life and the impact of ‘the outside’. Whether rightly or wrongly, sometimes I do ‘judge a book by its cover’ (and I think I’ve been spared some horrific trash fiction!) xx

  3. I have yet to actually ever spent a 4th of July with Angel. But this year he’s probably not working tomorrow…although he might pick up the holiday shift if they need another nurse, so I’m not getting my heart set on that yet. I do think the outside counts when we have opportunities to make things a little prettier. But the inside counts too. I mean, if those delectable looking rice-krispie treats were filled with cardboard instead of rice krispies, I would not be so happy. 😛

  4. Have a wonderful time in D.C! I cannot think of a better place to celebrate. You’re so right that we should be sharing with others all of the time (even the things we hold quite dearly!) Wishing you a wonderful trip and Happy 4th xo

  5. Ohh, the DC 4th of July celebrations are the best 🙂 everything is decorated to the nines, and the fireworks are amazing! I was there visiting my brother for the holiday a few years ago 🙂 have a good time!

  6. Enjoy your 4th! Yummy Rice Krispie treats I’m sure your in-laws will love and adorable magnets…very clever! Being kinder is something I try to do lately…sometimes even a smile to a stranger goes a long way!!

  7. Those look so good!! 😀 Making me hungry… Smiling and being kind costs you nothing but can make all the difference to someone else. 🙂 Happy 4th of July!

  8. Everyone loves homemade treats, they are my go to when I want to give something meaningful!! These magnets are SO cute, I love them…perfect for holding pens in the kitchen!

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