done deal

Yes yes yes.  I said yes all over again at 7am this morning. To be completely honest, it was the third or fourth time I promised my forever and always.  Not that I’m running around with multiple rings and loads of men, but I’ve staged a few engagements for my brother’s wedding wood-shop business.
Lucky for us all, Jon’s parents have a gorgeous cabin in Northern Wisconsin, and their backyard is something of a fairytale.  We’ve been visiting the past couple days, and it makes me wonder how much I need to go back to the city…
The first time I went to the cabin, Jon’s dad laughed and said I looked ‘ready to go shopping.’  In my defense, I’d been nervous to ‘meet-the-parents,’ and so I’d gone shopping for what I considered ‘cabin attire.’  I quickly learned that my boots, jeans, and sweaters were all wrong – I needed swim-wear, camo, and get’n dirty clothes.
A few *seconds* after meeting Jon’s family, his oldest brother asked if I wanted to shoot guns in the backyard. Shoot guns? Holy macaroni — The only thing I’d ever shot was film (with a camera), but I didn’t want to appear ‘too city’ and so I said yes.  Ryan (same brother that owns the wood shop) watched as I shot a bullseye on my second try (20 gage at 50 yards).
When Jon’s other brother, Derek, heard about my success with the gun, he asked if I’d ever caught a fish.  I answered no, but I reminded him that I was an Arizona girl living in Chicago — when would I have had the chance?
A few hours later?  You guessed it – we headed out to the lake to cast some rods and reel some fish.  This time around, however, I failed to impress with skill and had to rely on generosity – I offered to buy ice cream for the family.  That might have been the move that won them over…
Jon put a ring on it, but now I’m wondering whether it was the ice cream or the gun that made him so confident that I was The One.  What do you think?  And, more importantly, how was your weekend?

23 thoughts on “done deal

  1. Ah, this is so cute!! Totally reminds me of my husband’s family…they live on a farm, and they still make tease me for being nervous about guns and quads and stuff. Good for you for shooting a bullseye on your second try! Impressive!

  2. That reminds of when my brothers asked me to shoot clay pigeons & they were SHOCKED when I hit some. Girl power! 🙂 I did the Color Run, as you know. You need to sing up next year!

  3. My guess is that it wasn’t the gun, the fishing, or the ice cream (although ice cream helps everything in my humble opinion) 😉 Taking a genuine interest in another’s family and their passions regardless of your prior experience, now I am sure that brought a smile to his face 🙂

  4. So stinking cute! Love this! Colby carries a gun for his job and recently went to shoot it – I realized if we have to have one in the house then I should be able to know how to use it!!!

  5. I’m impressed at your shooting skills! The very first time Angel met my Dad’s side of the family he experienced a similar induction–they had him driving a 1941 John Deere tractor that first evening and they were also getting out the gun collection for target practice…I can see how that’s a slightly unusual welcome…

  6. This is SO sweet. What a fun excuse to take pictures with your hubby! Not that you need an excuse…. 😉 But still! SO sweet. I’m a MAJOR fan of life at “the cabin.” Everything is so dang peaceful and relaxing. And the trees! I just can’t get enough of trees. Must be why I love the Minnesota woods! 🙂

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