sittin’ pretty

You can tell a lot about a person from how they handle three things: parking tickets, hot gossip, and surprise gifts. The parking ticket might be self-explanatory, but I always appreciate (aka love lots and keep around) people that take negative events in stride and focus on whatever good they can find elsewhere.
Is hot gossip self-explanatory?  I respect people that refrain from speaking unkindly about others and/or find positive things to say in trying circumstances.  It’s fact that none of us are perfect, but why focus on the negative?  Let’s find ways to build each other up.
The last little bit — how you handle surprises gifts  – says all kinds of things about your ability to delay gratification and remain calm in the face of tremendous excitement.  Take me, for example: I’ve always known my Christmas presents long before the morning of December 25th because I have more fun finding gifts than opening them.
That whole diddy about parking tickets, hot gossip, and surprise gifts was presented to help you imagine my delight when I stumbled across a barn filled with old windows. Jon’s mom stored the windows after a renovation project,, and it felt like Christmas morning when I found them by accident.  I know, I know: nothing to do with parking tickets and little to do with hot gossip, but some kind of connection to surprise gifts?  Just go with it.
Now I just have to decide what to do with the 100 windows.  Okay okay, maybe I won’t use them all- but at least 1 or 2?  That’s probably more accurate — I’ll leave the other 99/98 for another wandering crafter to uncover.  Here are some projects I’m considering:
Frame and JarsRack, Panel Frame, Menu, Mirror, Large photo 

What do you consider ‘telling’ character situations?  What would you do with a barn full of windows?

22 thoughts on “sittin’ pretty

  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you about those windows! I would have been so STOKED! My Mom-in-law sent me an old window for part of my birthday present a couple years ago, and I love it so much. And agreed with all of your character situations. The gossip is always the hardest thing for me to resist, because it feels so easy to bond over shared information. I agree though, I respect people (and myself) much more when they say positive things instead. My Mom always says you don’t know someone’s character until you watch them try and assemble Ikea furniture 😉

  2. You could build an amazing greenhouse out of windows. There is one such greenhouse somewhere in my city. I’ll see if I can find a picture of it for you.

    Gossip is one thing that I really dislike in people and in myself. Some people really close to me did bad things to each other and I find myself gossiping about them when I’m feeling vulnerable or backed into a corner. I know I partake in gossip because I want the others to know what kinds of people they are but really, does it matter?

    What Sally says about Mary says more about Sally than it does about Mary.

  3. I think old windows are so cool!! We had a couple in my old apartment but when I moved them to Alex’s, one of the panes cracked. It still looks pretty cool, l though! And I love the chalkboard idea 🙂

  4. The most telling character trait for me is probably along the lines of gossiping. How I see another person treat someone who is not in their company, good or bad, tells me a lot 😉

    I think I see a connection between the barn windows and character traits. We each have our own pane of glass through which we see things. Each have their own flaws or scratches in different places, but in the end, they still allow us to see what’s out there beyond the glass and appreciate it.

  5. How people treat waiters and waitresses is my defining character thing. I can’t wait to see what you do with the windows! I have a few myself that I’ve been thinking about crafting with!

  6. Those WINDOWS. Oh my goodness. What a treasure trove!

    I always pay attention to how people treat waiters/waitresses. I think that’s very telling. And years ago, my mom gave me the good advice to pay attention to how a guy I was interested in dating treats his mother. That’s a bit of a character test too!

  7. Jennifer I agree completely! Nothing reveals a persons character than seeing how they react in stressful or unfavorable situations. Wonderful post (that made us think per usual!) xo

  8. I really dislike gossip, it makes me uncomfortable. I keep to myself a LOT these days which thankfully avoids most of that! I LOVE THESE WINDOWS OH MY! You should do ALL these window ideas, and even make some to SELL! YES!

  9. Oh my…the other day I ran my car slightly in the garbage and snapped the rearview morning. It was early, I was tired, etc etc, and I just said to myself, “well. that happened.” and just kept going. That was one of the first times I didn’t have a meltdown and start to worry about it! Hopefully the first of many… it’s not easy, but it is way better in the long run to not sweat it 🙂 !

  10. Love all of those ideas! I’m excited to see what you end up doing with your new windows! 🙂

    I’m with you on thinking that gossip is definitely a way to see someone’s character. I’ve learned over the years that typically if someone will gossip about someone else to you, they are just as likely to gossip about you to someone else. So in general I try to keep from getting too close to people who gossip a lot. And pretty much all stressful situations, show a lot about someone’s character. I’ve seen people who go through really difficult and frustrating things with great ease. And then other people who hit a small bump in the road and just entirely lose their cool. It’s definitely interesting how different people handle things like that.

  11. What a quaint and adorable barn! Sounds like fun, decorating the windows. Such a fun art project, I can’t wait to see the final look! 🙂 Optimistic people are the best friends to have. Anyone can see the darkness in a situation. But if someone has the ability to see the light and help others to see it as well, than that really is something. 😀

  12. I think you know how I feel about gossip, and I am not happy about parking tickets but will take them in stride. I have learned (with more self-restraint than I ever wanted to use!) to wait until it was time to open gifts, if I could help it!
    As far as the windows are concerned, you would really enjoy the Christian Bookstore and Coffeehouse where our Young Adult study meets. The menu is made of two windows from an old house in the Maryvale district of Phoenix. They hang from the ceiling and have the various drinks and prices written on the panes. Perhaps I will send a picture your way this weekend!

  13. What a total treasure trove of windows!! My family has a thing for antique windows. Our favorite way to use them is to hang a smallish one in front of an existing one (if the smallish one has stained glass, all the better) with some hanging plants. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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