all things

“Are you a koala?”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s just that you’re meeting koala-my-expecations.”
A Tinder-man used the pick-up line on my friend, and she shared the comment with our book club tonight.  The silly introduction made her smile, and then it convinced the 12 of us that the man deserves a date.  Men, take notes.

Jon and I road-tripped home from Wisconsin today, and we passed the four-hour drive listening to TED talks.  Has anyone listened to how Amy Webb hacked online dating?  I read my favorite wedding blogs as I listened to Amy talk about attracting people online, and it got me thinking about capturing ‘love at first sight.’  More specifically, we have so many photos of people that are engaged, married, and celebrating anniversaries, but we have so few images that capture the first time those people met.
Does anyone have a photograph of the first time they met the person they ended up dating and/or marrying?  If i was a photographer, I would do a series called ‘the first glimpse.’  It would be tricky following people around on all their first dates (snapping pictures and hoping they see each other again), but I think it might be worth it.
My head was filled with all kinds of ideas about photography and dating when I arrived home, but I shoved them aside to begin preparing for book club.  A different girl hosts each month, and July was my month: game time.
Lucky for me, I happened to have exactly 12 of everything necessary to host the group.  Funny how things tend to work out, right?  I did get a little scroungy (is that a word?) pulling out anything that would suffice as a wineglass (oh college skills), but all is well that ends well.  Before the group arrived, Jon and I tested some drinks (I think he was just anxious to try the strawberry lemonade) and we found that slipping fruit into a wineglass ups the fannnnciness about 99%:
Okay okay, the silly beverage photos are a little more about us playing with our new camera than trying drinks, but what can I say?  We replaced an old camera, and now I’m snapping photos left, right, and center — which makes me wonder, where do you get photo inspiration? Do you ever just want to run out the house and photograph all things? Maybe that’s just me, but I definitely felt that way today.  I had to resist every urge not to snap photos of these lovelies all night long:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like good books and the girls that read them.  The ladies pictured above are some of my favorite people in Minneapolis, and I couldn’t be happier that our book club has turned into a ‘lets get together for all things’ club ❤

That’s my update here: Are you in any clubs? Any suggestions for what I can photograph?

20 thoughts on “all things

  1. Start with the letter A, and look for the first object you find that begins with that letter. Move on to B, then C, etc. Frame the photos with an unexpected perspective. Then, either by yourself, or with your book club, string together the photos and compose a story with those images as inspiration 😉

    • i actually found this one through blogging – i’m part of a MN bloggers website, and one of the girls suggested we start a book club 🙂 i also joined the junior league in minneapolis, and they have a book club. i would try reaching out to friends, or checking good luck 🙂

  2. Nate and I have a picture from the day we met (2 1/2 years before we started dating!!!) It’s with quite a few other people too but we’re standing next to each other and I love it!

  3. What a sweet idea! You should do it 🙂 I love these photos from your new camera! As I kept scrolling down, I kept thinking, hmm, there is some extra element of wonder to these photos. Too excited for you. A camera is definitely one of the best purchases one can make.


    • My book club picked The History of Love, and I just stumbled across the sentence you told me about the other day. The words are even more beautiful with context, and it instantly made me think of you 🙂

      • Ah, that makes me so happy!! And you are too sweet. I would love to hear what you think of the book 🙂

  4. My group of friends is trying our hardest to start up a book club, but it’s not going very well. Any suggestions?

    • i would just find one friend that is 100% committed, and then the two of you should start meeting – once people hear about it, they’ll want in too – we had to stop accepting new people 🙂

  5. You make me wish I was in a book club!! As for photos? When I got my new camera I made a date with my dad- he’s nerdy about things like that too and we went for a drive, stopping at everything that looked interesting. It was the best.

  6. Sounds like such a fun evening with good friends! I like your idea for a photo series with snapshots of people as they first meet–that would be so awesome if they later get married. There’s a picture of Angel and I, not from when we first met, but from when we were new friends, a good year before we decided to become ‘an item’–everyone who sees the picture thinks that we already look a little too happy and a little too much like a couple considering the circumstances…

  7. Ooo, a new camera! That’s a fun toy. You should come up with photo walk ideas. Explore the great outdoors with the new camera.

    I have a picture of Kevin and I from before we started dating but after our first meeting. So kind of an in-between-ey photo. Still fun!

  8. I have been in a book club for over 10 years now. It’s so fun to meet every month! I say travel the chain of lakes to snap some photos. There is so much beauty the whole trail!

  9. Photograph anything and EVERY thing. That Tinder line is pretty good, but the idea of Tinder scares me. I’ve heard too many sketchy things….perhaps I don’t know enough about it?

  10. Zack and I don’t have a picture of the first time we met… but the second time, I think? That would be such an interesting project!! Or have you heard of those stories of people that found the person they married randomly in the background of old pictures, before they even met each other?! So fascinating!

  11. That photography series would be amazing! You can totally follow me around on first dates 😊 and I would love to collab on a twin cities post! Perhaps a brunch or happy hour meeting is in our near future???

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