such sweet goodness

My heart is so full!  I usually try to write what’s on my mind, but I’m too excited about these photographs to compose a paragraph or five. Can I share my anniversary photos with you?  Is it okay if I just let the pictures do the talking?
Jon’s parents froze our wedding cake to be enjoyed on our first anniversary.  My parents knew we were planning to celebrate with a champagne picnic, and they sent “Mr & Mrs” flutes for the occasion.  How lucky are we?ImageImage
Britta at Sage Photography took photographs of our celebration, and I could not be more grateful.  Isn’t she an amazing photographer?  The love captured in these images gives you a glimpse into Britta’s great big heart.  Image
Friends and readers know that my first year of marriage was filled with laughter, adventure, friendship, health scares, and loads of love.  I’m grateful for the memories of our first year, and I’m excited to go through what comes next (taking the happy with the sad and the good times with the hard) as we enter our second year of marriage.Image

for the record

Have you ever told a stranger that you loved them?  No?  Okay, that’s normal – good for you.  But guess what?  I went to the airport Friday, and when I bought a magazine and Raisinets for the plane, the cashier turned to me and said, “I love you sweetheart.”  I was stunned, of course, and I wondered why this stranger felt the need to profess her love.  Thinking quickly, I figured it might be cultural (‘i love you’ instead of ‘thank you’ or ‘have a nice day’) and so I simply said, ‘i love you too’ (didn’t want to be rude).  As the words left my mouth I realized the woman had actually said, “i love your sweater.”  Oops.  Time to board my plane.
Consciously cultivate silly and laugh through the awkwardness.  Not the advice most people offering during heart-to-hearts and other moments-of-import, but the simple prescription almost guarantees laughter and good times.  Our anniversary trip to Chicago (to attend a friend’s wedding) began with an awkward moment for the books, but the silly moments and big, big laughter lasted all weekend.
Round-trip flights from Chicago to Minneapolis are $75 on Spirit Airlines.  A great deal, right?  But did you know it costs $100 to bring a carry-on bag?  It’s hard to justify the relative cost of a bag when you’re excited about visiting friends for under $100.  And so, dear friends, we didn’t bring any carry-on luggage for the weekend.  Jon wore his suit on the plane, I stuffed everything I needed into a tiny purse, and we arrived wrinkled and underprepared for the weekend of endless rain.  My one outfit was drenched and soaked right after landing.  We bought clothes after the flight, and I returned with my new shirts tucked inside my jacket.  Classy,  right?
How was your weekend?

love as the example

My dad always kissed my mom before leaving for work, and it was common for him to return home with flowers.  My grandparents must have been their inspiration, because they were just as sweet with one another after 50 years of marriage.  I remember bringing friends over for Sunday brunch, and my grandma decorating the table with fine china, candles, and savory treats. I thanked her for making things so nice for the occasion, and she explained “oh honey, this is what I do for your grandfather every Sunday – don’t you think he deserves it?”  My grandfather did deserve the attention, but he also returned the favors: my grandma was surprised with trips to the opera, treated to breakfast in bed, and always aware of how much she was loved.

I always knew that I wanted to share that kind of romance with my future husband.  Luckily, Jon and I are about as romantic as they come, and we make a point of finding small ways to make each other feel loved. Some might think it’s a little silly that we celebrate our monthly anniversaries, but, for us, it’s just part of enjoying our marriage.  This weekend marked our 3-month anniversary, and we declared it “date-weekend.” We celebrated Friday with dinner at our favorite restaurant, and then we spent all of Saturday exploring the countryside.

Another thank you to Apricot Lane in St. Cloud for styling this post.  Felt like I was ‘all dressed- up with everywhere to go.” Thanks again, Laura 🙂

drinking from my saucer cause my cup has over flowed

“You know I never did make my fortune and I guess it’s a little late now
But I never did worry about that much
No shoot I was happy anyhow cause you see
As I have journeyed down life’s road
I have reaped a lot more than I’ve sowed
And I’m drinking from my saucer cause my cup has over flowed” – Bill Anderson

i came home from a lunch date and found jon home from work early, laying on the couch with roses for our 2 month anniversary.  i grabbed my camera to capture the moment, gave him a kiss, and then thought of the lyric “i’m sipping from my saucer ’cause my cup has overflowed.”  my heart was full, and i wanted to share the poem with you all.


cheers to 960 more months

Jon and I got engaged after four months of dating, and we’ve come to expect a bit of shock & disbelief when we explain to people that we’ve been together 5, 6, or even 7 months.  Most people answer with a tactful “when you know, you know,” but others chime in about the responsibility of marriage, and the importance of being “sure.”

well, we were both sure after 4 weeks, and we’re more happy today, 1 year and 2 days later, than we’ve ever been.  july 28 marked our one year anniversary since our first kiss, and we decided to spend the weekend together kayaking in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
Jon began the anniversary by sending roses to my office:
When I got off work, we drove north toward Lake Superior, and stayed at a quaint B&B in Bayfield, Wisconsin.  We had a nice dinner at Wild Rice on Friday night, and then ferried to Madeline Island to go kayaking on Saturday:

After we finished kayaking, we wandered through the town hand-in-hand, exploring mom&pop shops and specialty boutiques.  We had a lot of fun, and found these interesting things to entertain us:

Sunday we woke up early and went to a flower and berry farm outside the city.  I intended to come home with lots of fruit for pies and muffins, but we ended up passing out fruit to hitchhikers and homeless individuals on the way home.