drink it up

0“If I forget to tell you later, I had a really great time tonight.”  Growing up, my mom had a strict policy regarding ‘age-appropriate’ movies, but the rules went out the proverbial window whenever Pretty Woman was on TV.  My mom placed her hands over my eyes whenever things got racy, but I still got to see Julia Roberts sing, “I just need your extra time and your ka-ka-ka-kissss” in the bathtub, and thank Richard Gere for a wonderful date before they even boarded his jet-plane (heading to the opera in San Francisco).
My heart is bursting with gratitude, and this weekend I felt like Julia when I wanted to thank everyone for good times and happy moments before they even occurred.  Truth is, good times seem inevitable when you surround yourself with kindred spirits and loved ones.  It also helps when you’re able to spend summer in Minneapolis (seventy and sunny in the city of lakes? Yes please).

2We went to a block party last night, and a few people asked how we’ve enjoyed living in Minneapolis so far.  Our answer?  A mixture of ‘we’re never moving,” “we love the blend of culture and nature,” and “we’ve never met such warm and welcoming people.”  We spent today at the Minneapolis Aquatennial, a celebration of the city’s connection to water, and the famous milk-carton races reaffirmed our sentiments from the block party.  It’s pretty awesome when a city challenges the residents to race boats made entirely out of milk cartons…
How much milk would you drink to help your team build a boat?
The races also provided an opportunity to play with my new camera.  I tried not to be obnoxious as I ran about snapping pictures of boats, cartons, strangers, and anything else that ticked my fancy, but it was hard work pulling my finger away from the shutter button.  Is there a word for camera obsession?  “Hi, I’m Jen and I can’t stop taking pictures….”5We ended the day with ice cream at Lake Calhoun pier.  I forgot to tell Jon & company (company referring to the friends we spent the weekend with) ‘thank you’ before the weekend began, but I have plans to thank him (& them) with a rooftop BBQ on Thursday (gotta grill while the summer’s sun still shines…)

Does your city have any unique traditions?  What was your favorite childhood film?  And, most importantly, how was your weekend?