come sail away

I was swimming in an aquarium and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  Striped fish puffed out and tri-color fish heaved in and small glassy fish sped past like tiny submarines.  When I got back to my beach chair, I told Jon that our next trip was going to be The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  A classic tale of if If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
Reflecting, I’m wondering if I should surprise Jon with a pet goldfish?  Just go to PetsMart or Petco or Aquarium World and come home with a friend no larger than a baby pickle?  Bring a bit of the tropics inside our Minneapolis apartment?

I went to Caribou Coffee when we got home, and I thought it was timely that they had a chalkboard wall asking about dream vacations:Image
Can you guess what I added to the list? Hint: not Jamaica or Australia.  Coincidently, I read an article about the kindness of nations a few hours later, and it made me think the chalkboard was missing a few important places:
I’ve never considered the kindness of a place when deciding where to vacation, have you?  I’m usually flying to visit my aunt (Chicago), sister (Phoenix), or parents (outside Washington DC).  When I do get to choose, I’m usually just lured in with dreams of sunshine and beaches and adventures and foreign things (and budget, of course).  What about you: how do you decide where to go on vacation?

lo siento para fiestando

i’m sipping coffee and listening to techno as i type this, hoping that the combination will somehow help me stay awake at work/recover from sarah’s wedding weekend in mexcio.  jon and i arrived home to Minneapolis at 2am last night, and part of me wants to board the next plane back to puerto vallarta, and the other part wants to crawl into bed for a couple of days.  anyway, sarah was a beautiful bride, and i could not be more happy or proud of my dearest friend. without further adieu:

this is the view from the rooftop restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner:

backside of sarah’s gorgeous rehearsal dress:
champagne toast:

the lovely bride and groom:
the hotel beach:

was just as nice as the pool (jon and i enjoying…):

friday night we went on a pirate booze cruise:

getting ready on the big day:
signs i made sarah for her wedding chairs:

maids with sarah:

gorgeous bride: