sip swirl clink

Is champagne in the bathroom a luxury or a necessity?  Debatable, I suppose – we probably don’t need it while going to the bathroom but it might be nice while taking a bubble bath.  On the other hand, if champagne in the bathroom is reason enough to get you excited — then it’s absolutely necessary.

A group of friends had brunch at Blackbird Cafe, and I made a quick trip to the bathroom before we left.  I’m easy to please, I guess, because I got all kinds of excited about a ‘press for champagne’ button on the wall.  I texted my friend Lauren to “meet me in the bathroom ASAP.”
Lauren entered a few seconds later, and she loved the quirky artwork as much as I did.  We loved it so much, in fact, that we did the little photoshoot you see above.  All in all, we went home more happy about the bathroom decor than the brunch menu.
Like I said, easy to please, right?  But the thing is, I like when people get excited about small, seemingly unimportant things.  On the surface it might seem like dramatic or silly behavior, but, on a deeper level, it’s revealing of a strong sense of appreciation.Image
If you can appreciate quirky bathroom decor then you’re without-a-doubt able to appreciate kindness, generosity, friendship and loyalty — the larger things that make life special.

Remember the coffee picture above? Transformed into a reminder:IMG_6184